The Noble Nine in all their glory


The Noble Nine were the inspiration for the 2013 Character Battle logo. From left to right Link, Snake, Samus, Mario, Cloud, Sonic, Mega Man, Crono, and Sephiroth are represented.

The Noble Nine were an elite force consisting of nine of the most popular video game characters EVER. They always performed well in the GameFAQs character contests. The most notable fact about the elite group is that until Winter 2010 NO member of the Noble Nine had ever been defeated in a 1v1 environment... except by another member of the Noble Nine. This held true over the course of six and 1/2 tournaments, as they extended their streak to 124-0 against outside competition. The Noble Nine's winning streak officially ended on Valentine's Day 2010, when Crono was defeated by Missingno in the first round of the Winter 2010 Character Battle.

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When will the NN be broken? Edit

It won't. Even though a character has finally lost, all it means is the winning streak is over. The 9 characters are still the same. They will not become the Elite Eight. Why? Because their Contest Histories create a domino effect that, once set in motion, cannot be stopped. Using Crono as an example...−

The same chain is created no matter which member of the NN falls first; the end result is always that the Noble Nine becomes the Noble Zero. For another example, look at the following chain of what has occurred in battles:

In other words, Link > Sephiroth > Samus > Snake > Mega Man > Sonic > Crono > Mario > Cloud > Link. Anyone falling breaks the chain.

Why can't we remove Crono and call it the Elite Eight? Edit

Once again, if Crono is no longer an NNer, then he becomes part of the "outside competition." But, he beat Mega Man in 2005, he beat Snake in 2002 and he beat Mario in 2004. Now neither of those three are undefeated against outside competition either. But, they beat... and so forth, creating the chain of destruction seen above.

Close Calls for the NN Edit

Though the NN was not beaten until 2010, there were several close calls over the years. The matches where an outside opponent brought a member of the NN to below 55% during their 124 match win streak were as follows:

  • Sonic over Zero, 52.34% in 2003
  • Sonic over Aeris, 53.02% in 2003
  • Snake over Frog, 51.39% in 2004
  • Snake over Bowser, 50.59% in 2005 (1,196 vote margin)
  • Snake over Zelda, 54.41% in 2005
  • Samus over Tifa, 50.49% in 2006 (1,418 vote margin)
  • Sonic over Vincent, 52.09% in 2006
  • Mega Man over Sora, 54.28% in 2006
  • Crono over Auron, 54.50% in 2006

Noble Nine Controversy - 1v1 Only? Edit

There is debate as to whether Vincent's finishing in 2nd place (ahead of Crono and behind Link) in Round Three of the 2007 Character Battle should qualify as a "breaking" of the Noble Nine, and whether or not this result has created a "Terrific Ten" as an alternative to the NN. To discuss the matter further, please make use of the NN discussion page. For the purposes of this article it will be assumed that the Noble Nine's streak can only be jeopardized in a standard 1v1 tournament, as that is the environment where the concept was born and where the streak has always taken place.

NN upsets in 4-ways Edit

The Noble Nine was "broken" several times in the 4-way format, but because of the complexity of 4-ways, only a 1v1 loss would have been considered a "streak-breaker." The following is a list of 4-way breaks:

NN upsets in 3-waysEdit

Again, the different format in the Summer 2013 Contest (which incidentally made the N9 the 1-seeds) allowed for some rallying and LFF-related upsets.

Round 2
  • Pikachu defeated Crono, with the presence of Magus being a possible factor.
  • Vivi beat Mario due to both outside rallying and the presence of Ganondorf to leech the Nintendo vote.
Round 3
  • Draven defeated Link (with Commander Shepard as the third contestant), due to rallying from Reddit and the League of Legends forum. There was also an 85 minute website downtime that was also a major contributing factor.
  • Mewtwo defeated Sonic in a LFF-fest where Bowser was the third participant.
  • Squirtle defeated Cloud and Leon Kennedy in a close match. Sore Thumb Factor also contributed.
Round 4
  • Draven rolled over Sephiroth, as did a boosted and bandwagoned Mewtwo, resulting in him ending up at 3rd place.
  • Despite Board 8 trying to counter-rally Snake (complete with tweets by David Hayter and Jennifer Hale plus a RT by Hideo Kojima himself!), Draven again rode the Reddit vote, with the fact that the rallying thread eventually got stickied sealing the fate. LFF was also involved given Samus got more votes than Draven's final lead.

Noble Nine Characters Which Have Never Faced Each Other Edit

This list does not include the 2006 Battle Royal, 2007, 2008 or 2013 Contests since they were not one-on-one.

  • Link: Snake (met in 2013's bonus battle)
  • Cloud: Crono, Mega Man
  • Sephiroth: Sonic, Crono
  • Crono: Samus, Cloud, Sephiroth
  • Mario: Sonic
  • Samus: Crono, Mega Man
  • Snake: Link
  • Mega Man: Cloud, Samus
  • Sonic: Sephiroth, Mario

Represented by Company Edit

  • Nintendo and Square created 3 of the Noble Nine each. Together, they represent 67% of the Noble Nine.
  • SEGA, Konami, and Capcom each hold 1 of the Noble Nine. They represent 33% of the Noble Nine.

Random Facts Edit

  • 5 of the Noble Nine are in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and 6 are in Super Smash Bros 4. All total, 7 of the Noble Nine have appeared in Smash Bros, with only Snake missing out on Smash 4.
    • Crono is the only Noble Nine member to never appear in a fighting game. All of the others have at least two fighting game appearances. (Aside from Smash, there's the Marvel vs. Capcom games for Mega Man, Sonic Championship and Battle, DreamMix TV for Snake, and Ehrgeiz and Dissidia for the FF7 representatives.)
  • 4 of the Noble Nine wield a sword.
  • 3 of the Noble Nine fight with guns.
  • 3 of the Noble Nine are from Nintendo
  • 3 of the Noble Nine are from Square
  • 2 of the Noble Nine traditionally defeat enemies by jumping on them, though a third has done so in the past... *wink wink Sephiroth wink wink* (Actually Link did stomp on goombas in Link's Awakening too)
  • 2 of the Noble Nine wear bandanas in their usual outfits.
  • Mario and Samus are the only ones who have yet to lose to outside competition in 4-ways.
  • Mega Man is the only member who have yet to lose to outside competition in 3-ways.
  • Mario is the only character who does not wield a sword that was represented in the 2005 Tournament of Champions.
  • Samus is the only female member of the Noble Nine.
  • Out of the 147 non-Noble Nine characters that have appeared since Summer 2005 Contest, only 69 of them have ever faced a member of the Noble Nine.
  • Sonic is the only furry member of the Noble Nine.
  • Sephiroth is the only villain of the Noble Nine, and also the only Noble Nine character that has never been in a game for a Nintendo console.
  • Mega Man is the only robot and character from Capcom.
  • Solid Snake is the only Konami character and the only Noble Nine character to have been in a video game with an ESRB rating higher than "Teen" (unless you count Mario's cameo appearance in The Twin Snakes, which was rated "Mature").
  • Cloud and Sephiroth are the only two to have originally appeared in the exact same game.

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