The Not Dave/Zachnorn controversy occured on February 4th, 2006, after Not Dave admitted to trying to axe Zachnorn on Board 8 Wiki and AIM (see the modified article). After this had occured, Zachnorn and Not Dave had a chat on AIM for a while, after a ban on Not Dave was made to prevent from possible vandalism.

MakeYourChance later instant messaged Zachnorn claiming to be a friend of Not Dave warning about a possible hack attempt towards Board 8 Wiki. This led Zachnorn to create a topic about the incident, which led to several IMs sent to him. Zachnorn then had released information that Not Dave claimed to have tried to axe him. Repus_Yortsed posted, with permission, the log which led several Board 8ers into disbelief about the incident.

Discussions about those whole thing lasted for several hours on Board 8. The controversy has died off, mostly being overshadowed by other events during that time, such as Ryokles' banning, threats to Board 8 Wiki, and a few Board 8ers leaving. It is debatable whether these events are related.

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