Notyou is a user who is mostly known for getting himself banned. He apparently does not post on GameFAQs anymore as of early 2009.

He has been around since about 2000 with his original username being Scrapper 7 (he created that username in either 3rd or 4th grade). He ended up getting that account banned.

Originally Notyou frequented the Super Metroid board (and he still does), but after board hunting one day he came across a board run by some people who called themselves the CoB. After receiving death threats from them he began posting on their board and eventually the board they frequented, board 8. He used to have a large amount of karma but after a two man FFXI board invasion with Mooglekupo his second username, Notyou4488 was banned.

The two man invasion led to numerous accounts and a love for posting ToS(ToU) borderline material. This fascination ended up leading to a secret group known as Teh Consp1racy who's sole purpose was to utilize a glitch and create a 500 post topic on MBH with multiple identical posts posted at the exact same time so that it would be closed before mods could deal with it. Once the secret board was found the entire board was modded and immediately cleared of all topics. All of the users involve, besides one, were IP axed. Due to proxy servers he was able to continue posting on board 8; however, he was not able to make accounts with Notyou anywhere in the name which led to the belief he was on KoS status.However, in 2008 he was able to make an account named Notyou77.

He ran a lot of contests ranging from a strategy contest to multiple board hunts and even a series of user contest. His favorite contest of his was the conjoined username tournament. On multiple occasion he tried running it but never managed to get much further than the sign-ups due to getting himself banned. Since then he has strayed away from running contests.

As of late 2008 he posted under the username yassassass and ran a topic called Notyou's Top 500 Users of 2008. As of early 2010 he posted under the username OliviaTremor.


  • Current Account- yassassass (Minipoooot loves it)
  • For the most part, any alt/main account notyou has contains the word Notyou in the sig
  • Got a 0 bracket in the best series ever contest
  • Has had too many accounts to count
  • Frequents board 8 and Super Metroid and created a successful series of social topics called the Puzzler Board and Super Metroid Hangman.

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