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O RLY? Edit

The phrase "O RLY?" Is a form of expressing one's disbelief. It is often counted with one's belief in such a claim (YA RLY), which can also be responded to in a expression of sheer shock (NO WAI). There are many additional shortened words that can follow.


GameFAQer 1: I am a girl

GameFAQer 2: O RLY? MOAR LIKE Guy In Real Life!

Origins of a Legend Edit

The phrase "O RLY?" was first popularised on Internet forums in mid-2003. The earliest publicly viewable archives of its use on the Something Awful Forums. The original O RLY Snowy Owl image macro is based on a photo taken by nature photographer John White

Ville d'Orly Edit

Orly is also a small town somewhere in France. Ya rly.

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