A sprite comic by BlackMageJawa

Ocean's Edge was intended as an opposite to his first comic, Life of Tim, enabling him to experiment with a different style of humour. The most obvious change is that it's sci-fi instead of Fantasy, and an 'original' (though still highly derivative) setting instead of a fan-piece. The most significant difference to BMJ, however, is that OE is set in a world that is not explicitly governed by tropes and cliches, and has a fully intact fourth wall.

The story follows the crew of the starship Wounded Sparrow, who find themselves cut off from Earth and stranded in a backwater star system at the very edge of our galaxy, the furthest human settlement from Earth.

As an extra in-joke, each member of the cast shares their surname with someone from another sci-fi series. The main character, Alison Somerset, was named after the protagonist of 7 Days a Skeptic by Ben "Zero Punctuation" Croshaw, because at the time BMJ didn't expect anyone else would ever have heard of it, let alone played it.

Ocean's Edge

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