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A user contest created by Ayvuir, where each match is determined by one vote only. Its a fast paced user contest which usually ends within an hour. There have been two spin offs called Panic Mode, and A World Cup.


I Winner: SHINE GET 64 RunnerUp: Naye745

II Winner: KleenexTissue50 RunnerUp: DragonsFury

III Winner: SA2Tails RunnerUp: Eggplant Lord

IV Winner: Smurf RunnerUp: DpObliVion

V Winner: ApplekidJosh RunnerUp: KleenexTissue50

VI Winner: timmy111 RunnerUp: Steinershocker

Panic Mode Winner: chocoboslayer RunnerUp: FFDragon

World Cup Winner: MechaSolidSnake RunnerUp: Ayvuir

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