This article is about PaRappa the character.
For the original game and the series that followed, see PaRappa the Rapper (Series).

He's a rapping dog and he's here to say, rapa rapa rapa, tapa tapa tapa.

PaRappa the Rapper is a lovesick 2D puppy who has spawned a fairly successful series of music games since his debut on the Playstation.

PaRappa made the field of the original Character Battle back in 2002 due to CJayC's theory that company "mascots" like Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, and PaRappa would be the strongest characters. The idea worked out well enough for icons like Mario and Sonic, but all of the newer "hip" mascots quickly bombed out of the tournament, and PaRappa was no exception. He was defeated in a pretty tight match by Pikachu, which seems respectable enough until you realize how violently Pokemon was anti-voted back in '02 (as was proven in Pika's next match, a slaughter at the hands of Cloud.

Perhaps as a result of his new PSP game, PaRappa somehow slipped back into the Contest in 2007 when the field was expanded to 128 characters. Unfortunately the result was even worse, as he was drummed out of the Contest by a Game Fuel-juiced Master Chief in such an embarrassing fashion that he was in contention for the last place position in the '07 X-Stats.

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