Perfect Dark is forever

Perfect Dark is Rare's quasi-sequel to Goldeneye that was released for the N64 in May of 2000. Without the Bond license they had to create a new super spy, and they set it in the future to add some extra spice. The game played similarly to Goldeneye, but had a few framerate issues that got pretty bad in places. These can be blamed on the N64 hardware, not the game itself, but it still makes it fairly unplayable in some people's perspectives.

The Multiplayer was touted as being revolutionary, and included a fairly in depth bot program to play against multiple computer enemies. The bots could be set up to a difficulty where they move faster than should be possible and headshot you as soon as you're within range, adding to the "challenge."

Perfect Dark received a sequel on the Xbox360, a launch title called "Perfect Dark Zero", but most agree it wasn't as good as the first.

Perfect Dark - Remastered for Live Edit


PD, Remastered for Live - Joanna Dark has never looked better!

In March of 2010 Perfect Dark was re-released as an Xbox Live Arcade title, with a number of key improvements. These include updated graphics, a consistent frame rate of 60 FPS, and support for up to 8 person multiplayer over Live. And all for only $10 (800 Live points)!

Board 8ers interested in playing PD together online should sign their Live names below!

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