Pikachu is an electric rat from a huge global phenomenon. Sorry, a hated global phemonenon- in 2002 he almost lost a match to PaRappa the Rapper, for heaven's sake! 2003 wasn't much better, thanks to a pretty bad SFFing at the hands of Fox.

After the TV shows, movies, and merchandising died down in the mid-00s and the focus once again returned to the games, Pokemon hate eventually died down. Pika didn't make it into the '04, '05, or '06 Contests, which is why it came as such a surprise when he rode the resurgant Pokemon fanbase to one of the best runs of the 2007 Contest, beating Tidus outright in Round One, advancing ahead of Vivi in Round Two, then shocking the world by taking advantage of a Capcom split between Dante and Leon to finish first in their Round Three poll. He finally bowed out in respectable fashion in Round Four, despite Luigi's best attempts to Nintendo SFF him.

Pikachu reappeared in the 2008 Contest, where he had an excellent run--after trouncing the competition in the first two rounds, he impressed nearly all of Board 8 by knocking L-Block out of advancement. Pikachu was widely celebrated, but fell into fourth place in the Crono/Vincent match.

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