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Who is he? Edit

He's a user. He's on Board 8 sometimes. Dragonair ate him. He doesn't have a sig. There's probably more to him than that.

In his own words. Edit

"I am a user who sometimes visits B8 and does not post a lot, and some still know of me."

In Albion Hero's own words. Edit

"Get out of here, you PotD scum"

Ask a Pikachu898 (and it'll eventually answer probably). Edit

"How were Dragonair's digestive juices, esophagus, and pooper when you were eaten last?" - Azp2k32

898 Edit

Apparently it's é in alt code. It's also a number.

Events in 898 Edit

   * January - Pope John IX succeeds Theodore II as the 116th pope.
   * Accession of King Kasyapa IV of Sri Lanka
   * Magyar army headed by Álmos besieges Kiev
   * Magyar tribes found state of Szekesfahervar in Hungary
   * Bologna joins Italian Kingdom
   * End of Yodit era in Ethiopia
   * Foundation of Bhaktapur in Nepal

Mothra Edit


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