polankerboy is a relatively low key Board 8 user. He also prefers to be called "Polanker" since he REALLY regrets putting "boy" on his username. The username "Polanker" comes from a nickname his friends gave to him being a play on his last name "Polanco".

Polanker created his GameFAQs account in August 2002 and mostly lurked on the WWE Social Board. He stopped going to GameFAQs around November 2002 because his laptop broke and he was too poor to buy a new one (hey I was an unemployed high school student at the time!). He pretty much missed all of 2003 at GameFAQs, hence his missing 500+ karma. When he got a job and bought a computer with internet service, Polanker made his triumphant return to GameFAQs in April 2004. When he returned, he found Board 8 from the link of the contest results page from the current contest (Best Game Ever). He's been going to Board 8 ever since but he somewhat lurks since he kinda posts a bit now. And when he makes a topic, it mostly gets ignored and purges right away.

No one really thinks he's done anything memorable on Board 8, and that's true. The only cool thing he's done was make a topic EXACTLY on his 3 year anniversary date. That topic can be viewed here:


He did the same thing for his 4 year anniversary but no one gave a damn that time.

Polanker currently has 3 accounts:

- polankerboy (main account)
- Polanker (alt account)
- poolanker (account he uses at work)

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