FANDOM PukeInMyPot is an avid Chrono Trigger fan who led the Crono Army in SC2k5.

PukeInMyPot was known as SonikkuGBA before the latter account got banned due to account suicide.

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Fun Fact

  • PukeInMyPot has the best name acronym ever: PIMP!

Sonikku's suicide

In early April 2006, Board 8 was filled with speculation over whether there would be a Spring Contest. Someone proposed that Board 8 members should intentionally get modded so they could appeal to an admin and request a Spring Contest in their appeals. Sonikku thought this was a great idea. He proceeded to post a string of censor bypasses, links to porn sites, and the HP6 spoiler.

Sonikku expected to get a 3KL instead of an axe, because he was unaware posting porn links is grounds for an auto-axe on GameFAQs.

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