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Who Is Rad Link 5? Edit

Some guy who doesn't deserve his own page and also wrote a really crappy page about himself a long time ago which was crappy and bad.

Rad's Known Contest History Edit

KleenexTissue's Board 8 User Gauntlet

  • Rad Link 5 vs Viper_Vix3n: Rad won 5-3
  • Rad Link 5 vs Icon: Rad won 5-1
  • Rad Link 5 vs Janus: Rad lost 5-4

Overall: 18th - "X" Stats: 11th

Zachnorn's Alphabetical User Tournament

Overall: First Round loser - "X" Stats: None-Yet


  • (3)Zachnorn vs (14)Rad Link 5: Rad won 13-16

Overall: Not Finished Yet - "X" Stats: N/A

KleenexTissue's Board 8 User Gauntlet 2

Overall: 1st - "X" Stats: 2nd

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