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A new and exciting contest that was started by Twilight the Fox. Sess seems to love screwing with it by taking the term "Superpower" too literally.

One of the Results apparently vanished into thin air. How odd.

Results: Edit

  1. Bizarro: 10 (7 votes)
  2. Teleportation: 8.98 (16 votes)
  3. Flight: 8.32 (19 votes)
  4. Shapeshifting: 8.31 (13 votes)
  5. Telekinesis: 8.1 (15 votes)
  6. Invisibility: 7.94 (17 votes)
  7. The United States of America: 7.64 (21 votes)
  8. Super Speed: 7.31 (12 votes)
  9. Invulnerability: 6.73 (16 votes)
  10. RKOing someone in a single bound: 6.17 (6 votes)
  11. Super Strength: 6.12 (15 votes)

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