Who is Rezzman? Edit

A long time lurker on Board 8 that nobody really knows/remembers/cares about. Has been around Board 8 since 2002, but tends to take month-long breaks away from it, resulting in nobody remembering him everytime he returns. Used to break the ice by playing Monopoly with other users, until they all got a giant stick up their asses and refused to play on anymore. ~_~

Rezzman is also known as "Rezzy", "SoDoMyBuddies", "Wolf Bagging", "MmmJillSandwich", "Zellloo", "Jake_Marshal", and "Thousand Ninjas".

Did you know? Edit

-Rezzman is a big Monster Rancher fan.

-Rezzman is an attention whore/asshole at heart.

-Rezzman once had unprotected sex with Sesshomaru Purified.

-Rezzman is the founder of the failed-miserably Suezo, Duff McWhalen, and Hector nomination drives.

-Rezzman hasn't made a bracket for a GameFAQs contest since 2003.

-Rezzman doesn't have a drop of originality in him.

-Rezzman browses the internet using AOL. Unfortunately, DSL and Cable are not available in his area.

-Rezzman is still waiting for his birthday present from WVI.

-Rezzman doesn't have a drop of originality in him.

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