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RustyMrMokka joined Board 8 in 2008 because he loves Contests. He is happy that fetusbucketeer returned =D. He enjoys his own topics with a passion greater than any other user could wish to enjoy their own topics. If rusty were to die, there wouldn't be any topics he'd enjoy and would probably leave. Rusty did almost die due to his brain almost crapping out but he had surgery back in March 2010. What a champion! He used to enjoy being high and listening to music while high but he's off teh drugz now.

Good times, Great Memories.

One Love~!

User CommentsEdit

Easily one of the best users to come out of any contest- Heroic Palmer

He forced me to make a comment against my will. He will be hearing from my lawyers. - The Utility Man

He spells horribly but who doesn't these days! Rusty is one of my recent favorites on Board 8 and would likely make a top ten-top fifteen-esque list! - DigitalIncision

Pretty sure I want this guy inside me. Yup fact. Anyway Rusty is a cool guy, he's really good at soccer, and he is from Canada. Seems like everyone from B8 is now a days. I digress, Rusty is super fun and awesome. - Jukkie

One of the only B8'ers I've seen on another board. AWESOME - ctesjbuvf

Usually hangs around that topic where I talk to the users. He's alright in my book! - Chronic1000

One of the best The best user here- marth

Rusty: Everyone's favorite lobotomy victim. -Ulti

RustyMrSaturn: Your name sounds like a sweet ass sex position. I am going to google your name. 9.5/10 - CandyVan

Bioshawk was the best idea I ever had an you got it b7 : ( - foolmo

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