Also known as: SA2

Satwo (no longer used)

User since: August 2002
Board 8er since: April 2004
Google Talk: sa2.tails
Online games: Animal Crossing: Wild World


Mario Kart DS

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Mini Putt Online

Tetris DS

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land

Words That Follow

SA2Tails is a Board 8 user, admin of this wiki, and Super Moderator at alt.8. He came up with the idea for B8Wiki.

Alts Edit

  • N1n73nd0
  • A Twisted Voice (Won in a contest from HyrulianSeabreeze, a RI user)
  • HomsarTheBurninator
  • S42Tails
  • Number Cruncher
  • SA2Heads
  • SA2Sonic
  • SA2Knuckles
  • Scion_xD
  • ItsARatFlail
  • No_L_In_Prower
  • HowIMineForFish
  • Heroic_Olcadan
  • Tailsransience
  • WiiThePeople
  • Applekidtails

Contests Edit

SA2Tails has held many contests in his Board 8 experience, most notably (and successfully) How Do You Pronounce?. It is currently (allegedly >_>) on a long hiatus, and may be back soon. He once attempted a 1472-character contest, but got extremely bored in the nomination process. He also expressed interest in running a 4096-character contest, but it was abandoned during the interest gague phase, even though interest was high, because he reailzed how much work it would take. He created the concept and first round of Do You Know Me?, and is currently making the third round.

Fun FactsEdit

  • In May of 2003 he created a Homestar Runner fan board at the board of an obscure Amiga tennis game called Great Courts 2. it is still running.
  • He has no idea what his favorite game is.

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