This was a contest run by Board 8 User Yonex during the 2007 Summer Character Contest. It contained all of the characters in the Character Contest teamed up with a user from Board 8. Each user had two characters, one in the top half and one in the bottom. After 63 intense matches, there was one winner. Here are some of the results:

Final Match:

Simon Belmont / SBell0105 (2 Votes)

Phoenix Wright / ScorpionX3 (3 Votes)

Geno / th3l3fty (5 Votes)

Roxas / StifledSilence (0 Votes)

Voter Leaderboard:

1: linkhatesganon (62)

2: th3l3fty (58)

2: RenoTurk11 (58)

4: AerisDS (51)

5: yazzy14 (39)

6: SBell0105 (38)

7: GuessMyUserName (34)

8: Forceful Dragon (25)

9: IhatethisCPU (21)

10: SensiShadeSlaye (15)

11: satai_delenn (13)

Overall, it was a pretty successful contest and with some tweaking should come back next contest!

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