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Samus Aran is the star of Nintendo's Metroid series.

If you finish older games quickly, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of her in a swimsuit. In the Metroid Prime series, you need to get 100% instead. She has possessed multiple hair colors over the years.

It has been suggested that the majority of voters don't know she's a woman.

Just in bailey is not a real term, and is merely the result of a password system that can accept passwords saying anything you want. However, in an old issued of Nintendo Power magazine (which I can't say), a reader had sent in a letter about the original Metroid code which was thought to be "Justin Bailey" instead of "Just in bailey". The writer claimed that "bailey" used to be a slang term for a women's bathing suit in the 50s or something. So the code "Just in bailey" would refer to Samus wearing nothing but a skimpy outfit.

Super Metroid is 2D gold. Metroid Prime is 3D gold.

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