Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters is a Save My contest ran by raytan7585. It is the sixth contest in the "Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters" contest series.

Rules Edit

- A normal Save My Character contest. You post a character and he/she is saved. Last character saved is eliminated from the contest and a new day begins.
- You can save 2 characters once per hour (may drop to 1 as less characters remain).
- A character needs x votes to be saved (x increases as less characters remain).
- You can't save the same character twice (changes as less characters remain).
- No alts please.
- The rules will change when a certain amount of characters remain.
- You may not change/delete a save unless you do it quickly after you made that vote.
- If you want to update, make sure it's accurate. Include who saved what, if they are still in play.
- Only raytan and amyvitality can start up new topics.

The Results Edit

1. Edgar Figaro
2. Tifa Lockheart
3. Kuja
4. Laguna Loire
5. Celes Chere
6. Gilgamesh
7. Porom
8. Rinoa Heartilly
9. Locke Cole
10. Terra Branford
11. Wiegraf Folles
12. Vincent Valentine
13. Cecil Harvey
14. Zidane Tribal
15. Yuna
16. Golbez
17. Cloud Strife
18. Red XIII
19. Squall Leonhart
20. Zell Dincht
21. Freya Crescent
22. Tidus
23. Sabin Figaro
24. Rosa Farrell
25. Vivi Ornitier
26. Auron
27. Kefka Palazzo
28. Eiko Carol
29. Yuffie Kisaragi
30. Reno
31. Faris Scherwiz
32. Beatrix
33. Rikku
34. Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
35. Seymour Guado
36. Cait Sith
37. Elena
38. Selphie Tilmitt
39. Shadow
40. Delita Hyral
41. Mog
42. Yang Fang Leiden
43. Adelbert Steiner
44. Barret Wallace
45. Aeris Gainsborough
46. Lenne
47. Ultimecia
48. Shuyin
49. Ex-Death
50. Meliadoul Tingel
51. Galuf Helm Baldersion
52. Ramza Beoulve
53. Sephiroth
54. Bestrada Larg
55. Kelga Vlondett
56. Kain Highwind
57. Bartz Klauser
58. Amarant Coral
59. Relm Arrowny
60. Cid Highwind
61. Garik
62. Quistis Trepe
63. Paine
64. Reina Tycoon
65. Teta Hyral

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Contest XVII (Steiner > Lightning)
Contest XVIII (ongoing)

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