Save My Final Fantasy Girls was a Save My contest run by linkhatesganon.

The Results Edit

37th: Krile Maia Baldesion
36th: Marlene
35th: White Mage
34th: Shara
33rd: Ritz
32nd: Porom
31st: Mealiadoul
30th: Refia
29th: Alma
28th: Eiko Carol
27th: Rosa Farell
26th: Fran
25th: Ultimecia
24th: Maria
23rd: Reina Tycoon
22nd: Lulu
21st: Relm Arrowny
20th: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (Ashe)
19th: Elena the Turk
18th: Terra Branford
17th: Aeris Gainsborough
16th: Rinoa Heartily
15th: Agrias Oaks
14th: Yuna
13th: Faris Scherwiz
12th: Penelo
11th: Selphie Tilmitt
10th: Paine
9th: Tifa Lockhart
8th: Quistis Trepe
7th: Yuffie Kisaragi
6th: Freya Crescent
5th: General Beatrix
4th: Rydia of Mist
3rd: Celes Chere
2nd: Rikku
1st: Garnet Til Alexandros XVII / Dagger

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