Save My Phoenix Wright 2 Character was a Save My contest run by Paratroopa1 in the months following the release of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All. It is the second contest in the "Save My Phoenix Wright Character" contest series. Only characters who made an appearance in the second game are included as the contestants.

The ResultsEdit

  1. Phoenix Wright
  2. Miles Edgeworth
  3. Franziska von Karma
  4. Matt Engarde
  5. Maya Fey
  6. Adrian Andrews
  7. Pearl Fey
  8. Dick Gumshoe
  9. Max Galactica
  10. Mia Fey
  11. Mimi Miney
  12. Shoe
  13. Shelly de Killer
  14. Will Powers
  15. Moe
  16. Judge
  17. Winston Payne
  18. Regina Berry
  19. Turner Grey
  20. Trilo
  21. Ini Miney
  22. Maggey Byrde
  23. Wendy Oldbag
  24. Russell Berry
  25. Richard Wellington
  26. Acro
  27. Director Hotti
  28. Lotta Hart
  29. Bat
  30. Regent
  31. Juan Corrida
  32. Money
  33. Ben
  34. Celeste Inpax
  35. Léon
  36. Morgan Fey
  37. Ami Fey
  38. Dustin Prince

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