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Round Two


Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

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Poll 2899
Round Division 3 Semi Final
Match # 37
Match Date Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
Sephiroth - 49.88%
Fox - 22.57%
Meta Knight - 15.15%
Wario - 12.46%
Sephiroth first place (4pts) - 83.90%
Sephiroth second place (2pts) - 5.48%
Fox second place (4pts) - 46.30%
Fox first place (2pts) - 3.02%
Sephiroth - 89.38% (32,824)
Fox - 49.32% (18,112)

This was the resolution of a dumb eightpack that featured six Nintendo characters. Fox beat down three of them (Banjo, Wario, Captain Falcon) in round 1 easily, and Meta Knight was coming off of beating Peach. Fox winning a fourpack outright was much more impressive than Meta Knight's distant second place over Peach, so this match was over before it ever started. Fox was getting a distant second place, Seph was getting first and that was that. It was mildly interesting Wario failed to beat Meta Knight I guess, but predictable match nevertheless.

Basically, there were only two interesting things of note here. Sephiroth's percentage from round 1 to 2 actually went up against better competition, and the only explanation there is he was up against all-Nintendo instead of 2 Nintendo and CATS. Also, the match pic was really cool. Kingdom Hearts, Brawl, Brawl, Brawl. Brawl is a bad game, but the art from it is cool.

Stats and Analysis Edit

unlike every other match in the contest, this match had no chance of being interesting. everyone knew Sephiroth was going to crush everyone, so the debate came down to a well-liked Nintendo guy in Fox, a Nintendo character better known for his appearance in a Brawl trailer in Meta-Knight, and a guy Fox had already doubled in Wario. basically, it was impossible to debate this because Meta-Knight had no chance of beating a more popular Smash character, and Wario was exposed as a joke after round 1. about the only interesting thing that came out of this match is that Sephiroth actually got a higher percentage despite the increase in competition. you can thank CATS for that one.

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2007 Contest Matches

Round One
Yoshi > Knuckles
Mega Man > KOS-MOS
Samus > Frog
Scorpion > Midna
Marcus > Kefka
Cloud > Ocelot
Auron > Shadow
Ryu > Bowser
Sephiroth > Meta Knight
Fox > Wario
Mario > Big Boss
Magus > Phoenix Wright
Link > Bidoof
Vincent > Zelda
Crono > Raiden

Zero > HK-47
Luigi > Mudkip
Ganondorf > Vergil
Master Chief > Yuna
Liquid Snake > Alucard
Dante > Amaterasu
Ada Wong > Balthier
Pikachu > Tidus
Leon > Vivi
Kirby > L-Block
Kratos > Donkey Kong
Snake > Nightmare
Ryu H > Riku
Squall > Aeris
Sora > Lara
Duke > Gordon
Sonic > Sub-Zero

Round Two
Mega Man > Yoshi
Samus > Scorpion
Cloud > Marcus
Auron > Ryu
Sephiroth > Fox
Mario > Big Boss
Link > Vincent
Crono > Zero
Ganondorf > Luigi
Master Chief > Yuna
Dante > Amaterasu
Leon > Pikachu
Kratos > L-Block
Snake > Riku
Squall > Sora
Sonic > Sub-Zero

R3 and following
Samus > Mega Man
Cloud > Ryu
Sephiroth > Mario
Link > Vincent
Master Chief > Luigi
Pikachu > Dante
Snake > L-Block
Sonic > Squall
Cloud > Samus
Link > Sephiroth
Master Chief > Dante
L-Block > Snake
Link > Cloud
L-Block > Snake
L-Block > Link (Finals)
? Block > L-Block (Bonus)

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