Shaggy is a Golf?er who likes to talk about music, especially Indie music. As a result, he was easily accepted into the biggest evil organization on Board 8, called The Clique.

Shaggy was one of the most-liked users on Board 8 before Heroic Palmer came about and stole the title from him. After learning this atrocious thievery, Shaggy has now made it his divine duty to rid off Palmer out of Board 8.

Shaggy also has some of the worst alt names ever, such as Xx_Shaggy_xX, Shaggy_Heru and some others that are too ugly to be listed here. The only one that is remotely decent is Shaggysaurus, and that's the account he's been using the most to post on the board nowadays. However, it should be noted that Heroic Palmer has once again usurped Shaggy's distinctiveness by creating some of the worst alt names in GameFAQs history.

Shaggy looks Jesus-ish. hail




This wine is my blood

Random Stuff Edit


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