SE first came to fame by being the behind-the-scenes guy for Yazzy's Ultimate User League. He built and maintained the website, among other things. Since then, he has proven himself to be one of the older and wiser Board 8ers, eager to share information and advice to his younger peers.

More recently he has been an Oracle Challenge regular since 2007 and currently tops the lifetime averages. However, this is partially skewed due to not participating in pre-modern contests. His usual partner in the team competition is BZer0 although he has also partnered PeaceOut64 and th3l3fty on one occasion. SE has a habit of making drunken late change which has had mixed success but also backfired horrendously when he missed the opening match of SpC2k9 as a result.

SE also posts in the Soccer/Football discussion thread and at times the Contest Stats thread but rarely elsewhere. He won the 09/10, 11/12 + 12/13 Fantasy Football league in its raw points format and the 12/13 H2H league. He now plays mafia although very infrequently.

Out of the Dungeon is SE's new favourite board project.

Random SE facts. He is British. He is married to an American. His UK home was in Yorkshire, his US home is in Orlando. He has 5 siblings. He studied English and Economics at university. He works as a Technical Manager (Engineering). ShepardPunch is SE's only current alt account.

Mafia History

  1. Open Mafia - TOWN Vanilla - KN2 - Lost
  2. Bioshock Mafia - TOWN Vanilla (Martin Finnegan) - LD3 - Won
  3. Guild Wars Mafia - MAFIA Godfather (Lich Lord / Vizier) - LD8 - Won

Town - 1-1 / Mafia - 1-0 / Overall - 2-1

Oracle Challenge History

Contest Rank Score Average Avg. Rank Top 5's Team Partner Rank
SC2k7 86th 2700.87 46.57 (58) 17th 0 (0,0,0,0,0) Ice Cream BZer0 15th
SC2k8 47th 2931.75 47.29 (62) 10th 4 (0,1,1,2,0) Ice Cream BZer0 8th
SpC2k9 54th 2731.82 46.30 (59) 32nd 4 (1,0,2,1,0) Shattered Peace PeaceOut64 5th
SpC2k10 7th 5767.06 45.41 (127) 7th 7 (1,2,0,3,1) Brain Freeze BZer0 5th
SC2k10 21st 5786.90 45.57 (127) 24th 5 (1,0,1,2,1) iS33 th3l3fty 7th
SC2k11 19th 2817.05 45.44 (62) 19th 2 (1,1,0,0,0) Ice Cream BZer0 11th

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