Silvercross is a former VIP that currently posts on the GameFAQ message boards. He's worked for Activision, Treyarch and Heavy Iron Studios. Silvercross registered his account at the end of 2002 for no reason in particular. He began posting on many different boards, with no home to call his own. When the 2k4 summer contest began, he began posting on the contest board, and remained there for about a year. At some point, Silvercross became too busy and wasn't on the boards for a while. He then returned a few months before the 2k6 summer contest began. At this point, Silvercross was now a VIP. He began posting regularly again on Board 8 and has been posting regularly ever since.

On August 30th, Silvercross was suspended for a NKL post. The reason given by mods was that VIP accounts are not to be used to socialize. This caused a great stir on the forums, with many mods involved. The suspension was later reduced to a warning. Once the warning expired, Silvercross was no longer a VIP.

Silvercross Facts Edit

Silvercross registered on November 6th, 2002.

He has posted one FAQ (Silent Hill 2 Endings FAQ).

As of (May 2006), Silvercross and Repus began a petition to get VIP's their own user board, and to relax many of the rules VIP's must follow. However, these rules seems to have relaxed on their own over the years. This petition has died, and so has his soul. Or not.

Had a game industry topic where he answered questions about the industry and game testing. The topic later purged which made him cry for days.

He smells.

Created the "Your face is bees." / "The bees have AIDS." fad. His only fad to date.

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