Complete text of Sir Chris's Top 40 Users on Board 8 topic, posted in November of 2007.


I figured it was about time I finished a project, no jokes, no stalling, hell, even leaving my arrogant gimmick at the door for once. I never have gotten around about thinking of top user lists aside from quick ones entered for contests or something like that, but I thought it'd be kind of cool to do this just because I talk about everything else in such an amazing degree, why not, just this once, do a top user list so I can praise some of the people I really like. You won't see a lot of old users on this list, I am not big on living in the past with faded memories of once good friends. You will see... 2 big names from the past though that are just far too massive and impressed me too much to be left off.

This isn't really much of a big deal, so unless you are interested in my opinions I wouldn't really post here. A lot of popular users, or even users I like pretty well did not make this list. It is only the ones that really stuck out to me and usually ones I talk to a great deal. If you want to token post, then by all means, otherwise this is just something done out of curiosity to where it leads me, and to let some awesome people know they are awesome, nothing more.

40. UltiEdit

Ulti is a good friend of mine, but he has also hurt me a lot in the past. At this point I admit it is almost petty on my part, but I am the type of person who can forgive a lot of things, but can’t forget them. That is what drops Ulti down to 40 for the most part, also he is elitist about the stupidest things, and it angers me greatly. Of course, the reason it angers me is because I know Ulti to be a kind and good person at heart, and I consider him a great friend when he is being just himself. Ulti is a complex beast, I won’t doubt that. He is pretty interesting overall, if you talk to Ulti only one day a week you will only know 1/7th of his personality, truth be told. I worry about him sometimes though because he seems to have these radical mood shifts that indicate something just isn’t right. But above it all, there is a witty, interesting, funny and dedicated guy under all of those problems. Ulti can also be surprisingly humble, perhaps at times not even realizing it. He will quickly access and admit his faults with no doubts in his mind. He understands his limitations and that is an extremely mature thing. I just wish he could do it all the time, he’d be one hell of a person. We all have our faults, and Ulti is not without his. Sometimes he pisses me off to high hell and I can’t stand him, but I guess it is a testament to how much I enjoy his company that I still maintain my fondness for him overall.

39. ZachnornEdit

Zachnorn’s write up won’t be as large as Ulti’s, because Ulti and I have a lot of past that Zachnorn and I don’t have. However when I think of Zachnorn I think of an honest and relaxed guy who is just trying to get by and help others. Is he always right? No. Is he the smartest and quickest witted? No. However he s very helpful, very honest, and he likes to make people happy and give them a way to enjoy themselves. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, yet some people like to think so. There are many measures to a man, and sadly Board 8 loves intelligence and the ability to be blindly nice above most things a lot of times. Zachnorn’s best feat so to speak is his Stickam chat he does, where he and red13n host a variety of stuff. It was a pleasure to be able to play Pokemon Stadium with someone across the country in front of an audience and act my usual elitist self calling them all newbs, I rarely find so much fun on the internet, so thank you for that. Watching all of those seasons of Pokemon, a lot of which I had missed was also extremely entertaining, and getting to laugh with all the guys there was very fun. God Mode will forever be remembered by many people, I’d imagine. So no matter what you do, as long as you don’t change your ways Zachnorn, you have my backing.

38. DSRageEdit

DSRage probably earned my respect in the most dubious manner out of any one on this top forty.

 *Looks down at list*

Okay that might be stretching it, but the point is it is when I remember gaining a liking for DSR, or whatever shortening of his name you wish to use. He managed to actually vote rally equal to me for a tournament, it was either one of those UUL cups or Smurf’s thing, perhaps both, and that is just damn impressive. When I vote rally, I vote rally because I really want to win and I enjoy winning, it is my overactive competitive streak working its way through my body. It is just a lot more fun to see your name as the winner than the loser, and the minimal effort it requires to swing the votes necessary for victory. It took me at least twenty people to beat you in that stupid UUL cup. That was impressive. You either have to be one persuasive SOB to get that many people to vote for you on whim or you’ve got a lot of black mail on some people around here. I know that’s going to sound dirty and stuff and how you should play fair and all, but where is the fun in that? Anyway DSRage has matured by leaps and bounds over the years, I just thought I’d share the story of how I first started to see him in a new light, it just happened to be in a vote rally duel to the death as it were. DSRage isn’t always certain of who he is yet, and constantly tells me that I shouldn’t be so cold and unfeeling when it comes to giving him advice, I suppose he has a point with that. I know how it is to be uncertain DSRage, but you are a good kid with a good heart, just believe in that and don’t betray that and you’ll turn out all right, good things happen to people who are just a tad nicer than the next guy, as long as you also keep that steely resolve you sometimes comes out of left field and owns me, which is quite an impressive feat considering I am one stubborn guy myself.

37. NeonreaperEdit

This might throw some because I don’t really talk to neon a lot and I am sure I don’t talk about him a lot, but when reflecting on this list this was one person I just couldn’t do without. I don’t think I have ever read a post from neon that I didn’t see some logic in or some reason that I could at least understand, even if I didn’t always agree. Neon isn’t the type of person I’d usually call my friend, because I don’t really hang out with guys as mellow and laid back as neonreaper, but it is something that stands out on the board to me. That being said, there have been a couple of times, I doubt neon even remembers, where I have given him some crap and he has shoved it right back in my face in the most forceful way possible, I liked that. Neon is someone I believe I can count on for a fair opinion on almost anything, I just wished I knew him a bit better. I admit, I also felt really bad for doing that one trade in fantasy baseball after he was so fair about it all season. Although, Majin did end up winning that deal. (Neon will know what I am talking about I think) Anyway Neon, I really respect you and almost anything you have to say, and I have enjoyed your posts here for years, even if I may have denied it, I just have always wanted to say that, and I don’t remember ever getting the chance.

36. SemiEdit

This is a hard person to describe for me, quite honestly. We never seem to get along in any sense of the word, but I must admit a great fondness for his sharp wit and his cutting remarks, even when they are addressed directly to me. I don’t talk to Semi much anymore, nor did I ever really do so, but every time I have Semi has been neutrally polite to me and we have gotten along well enough to discuss some stuff. I don’t know what it is, but Semi is a really cool person to talk to away from the board and his cutting of me on it makes me smile usually, because I’ll be damned if I can come up with a comeback that doesn’t sound horribly lame. I don’t know if many people realize it but one of the things I respect the most about Semi is how loyal he is to his friends in some of the most subtle ways I have ever seen, but it has shown in conversations where I have made fun of someone he talks to every now and then I can feel a mood shift, and I know I struck a chord. I’ve got really nothing to say to you semi, you’d just turn it around and own me anyway, I’ll save myself the embarrassment and break one more DQ5 cartridge in your honor.

(That was one of the funniest comebacks to me ever, by the way)

 *Lowers the Sledgehammer down upon it*

35. SwirldudeEdit

Swirldude has a special place in my heart where I keep a dagger where I stab all the annoying things that have ever crossed my path. Joking aside, I have grown to like swirldude’s odd way of approaching me over the years, and if it ever stopped it would be something I would miss terribly. We have a lot of common interests which we constantly war over: Baseball, Football, fanfiction, various video game characters doing battle to the death. I guess it isn’t much of a surprise that I like talking with you given how much we have in common. You are very combative, and as odd as it might sound, you sometimes remind me of the little brother I never had, I guess. I don’t love you or anything, but you are great fun to argue with in a way I can only describe as sibling like. Sorry if I was ever too much of a jerk to you, I never meant any of it.

34. TurnTurnTurnEdit

I guess my preview hax was good for something, this one was pretty obvious to everyone except for Bellis (har) so well done. I like Turn a lot, he has a razor sharp wit and is obviously very intelligent. You can’t read his posts and not think this is a really smart guy who is really clever. It is obvious, it is there in almost everything he does. Beyond his innate intelligence, because that hardly gets you anywhere with me. I like turn the most for his good natured personality. That might catch some people off guard, I genuinely don’t know, but Turn always comes off to me as a guy who is just looking to have a good time in any way possible, and like a robot with a kill command, he’ll search and destroy anything that conflicts with his ideal for a good time. Kind of funny how he constantly goes after Andy, except this leads to the reason why he is even this low, and as I alluded to earlier, he takes on the weakest of board 8. Andy is hardly an intellectual challenge, even if you like the guy you have to admit that. (For the record, I am neutral to andy I don’t care either way about him, in case no one has noticed this before). Every time I have ever baited Turn for a debate he has always backed down, which saddens me. I don’t know why, but you seem afraid of me Turn, as if I am going to embarrass you or something. Do you not argue with friends? Are you incapable of having a good debate without resulting to petty insults and trying to degrade your opponent? If you are I want to see it more, stop arguing with people who can’t fight back, it is pathetic of you and you are totally beyond that. Sorry for my harsh words, but it is something I have wanted to say to you for awhile. You can be better than that.

33. MeisnewbieEdit

You were the hardest one to place on this list, although I knew you should be on it. That being said, seriously, I have no idea what I can say about you. You are just really awesome and you make me laugh a lot and any time you take the time to be serious your posts are thought provoking and well composed. You even give me cute nick names all the time which I don’t mind because I find it endearing and sweet. That’s basically all I’ve got on you.

32. MaxedOutRyuEdit

Fighting on the streets, Street Fighter, Ryu. That was probably terribly confusing, but I used some sort of logic there I suppose. Anyway I like MOR a lot just because we used to play Yu-Gi-Oh all the time and that was a blast. One of the users here I am pretty sure has no idea how much I like him because I never seem to find the time to chat with him as much as I should. He IMs me like every day and I am ready to chat and everything and then I am either pulled away or someone asks me to join a game and I am whisked away on an adventure. I always feel bad when I am pulled away because it just seems like he is the person I do it to the most, even though I am sure I do it to a lot of other people. MOR is a really awesome down to earth guy who is fun to talk to and is very personable. I see MOR as an everyman so to speak, great to get along with and I have a hard time imagining how anyone could dislike the guy. MOR, you really freaking rock, and I doubt I have told you that in a very long time, so hit me up sometime and we can D-D-D-D-D-DUEL ONCE MORE!

31. Amazing TelephoneEdit

When I think of wit on this board my first thought comes to Amazing Telephone. Oddly enough, no one guessed AT for this spot, oh well. First off I would like to say that I am not easily intimidated intellectually, I am not the smartest person on this board nor have I ever been but I like to think I can at the very least keep up with almost anyone in any subject area, but AT totally and completely intimidated me. He was just so damn quick on the trigger and so damn witty, it was like watching a force of nature at work, popping in and out and being the smart and funny in almost every one of his posts. It brought me much laughter in a time I didn’t feel like laughing much of all, so I’d probably die of a heart attack laughing at most of his stuff now, when I am a lot happier. It should be noted that his greatest rival was not Aeon, but Backup Cellphone, who was amazingly almost able to match his wit and cutting remarks. Backup Cellphone and Amazing Telephone were truly two of the fiercest rivals to ever be on this board, equaling each other at almost every turn. In fact, Backup Cellphone’s rivalry ran so deep with AT that when AT decided to leave the board, BC followed. However despite all of the fun times with AT, the moments I remember most are when he got serious and spoke from the heart. It didn’t happen often, but AT was clearly a very passionate person, and was a very kind soul offering help to those who needed it. It was obvious to me that even though I didn’t know the details AT had been through a few hard times in his life but he still had it in him to be cheery and make me laugh. Although you will never read this AT, thanks for all the laughs and I hope you are doing great with whatever you choose to do with your life, you, above any of these often fake cheery acts, were probably the one of the kindest souls to ever step onto this board.

30. XERDEdit

The person who I have called the president of my fan club before, XERD is certainly an interesting one to be sure. I don’t know how it happened but this guy has wormed his way into my cold, black heart. It was always refreshing to see a familiar face in all of my topics to talk to, I don’t know when it happened, but I started to notice XERD was always nice and saved my topics, and usually hit me up for a chat on the board, when a lot of people don’t do that for some reason. I am sure he does it for other people, the bumping stuff, but I don’t take notice to a lot of stuff so I decided to give him the nickname of president of my fan club, don’t know how he took that to be honest, I thought it was kind of amusing given my supposed massive ego. XERD is really fun to talk to and he really kicks my ass in Halo 3, but everyone does so that should be obvious. XERD you are an awesome guy and you always bring life to any topic you post it, you are a very sincere and very fun guy to have around, so keep up the excellent work.

29. ShadulnEdit

Shaduln does not believe he is going to be on this list, shame on him. Shaduln is a very good natured person who I find a lot of joy talking to on the rare occasion I can catch him on AIM. There are many good traits a person can have, but I believe good natured is one of the most underrated of them all. Every time I talk to Shaduln he is always very inviting and thus I know I will enjoy almost every conversation I have with him, that’s a good feeling to have when you are talking to another person, a feeling I don’t believe can be faked. Also it helps that he is likes the Dresden Files, one of my absolutely favorite book series. Getting to talk about good books seems to be a rarity now these days, and it is always nice to be able to do so. A simple thing, but one I enjoyed greatly. You also made an account for me even though I don’t use it any more so thanks for that. Shad is just a really great and funny guy so it is never dull to talk to him. Above all though, it is a joy to know someone so warm and welcoming, so thanks for all of the conversations, Shad.

28. Heroic PalmerEdit

I don’t know how anyone could believe Palmer would not be on this list. I love Palmer. Palmer is like a constant fresh air on this board, and it is so fun to read one of his posts, and that is a lot of fun considering how much he posts. I have had a lot of night time buddies on board 8 through the years, considering how much of a night owl I happen to be, but I think palmer is certainly the most fun and random of them all if I am going to be honest about it. There is just something fun always surrounding Palmer that I can’t help but cheer for him in his rivalry with Shaggy (Sorry Shaggy)! Although, I have always thought of Palmer as someone fairly intelligent, it is just the way he comes off sometimes, yet I never hear people talk about him in any way other than if he was some giant comedy option, I never have seen him that way though. I think Palmer and I have a great chemistry, as we were going back and forth the one time we played Maple Story together, that was a really great time and it is rare for me to actually enjoy MapleStory now considering how much I dislike MMOs in general, but Palmer made it a fun time. Never change on me Palmer, and if anyone ever has a beef with your random style tell them to shove their head in a blender, compliments of Chris.

27. SHINE GET 64Edit

Shine is a weird dude for me, and it was hard placing him on this list at all because sometimes he goes all super crazy hype and does nothing but hype games, and they are usually ones that I find horribly average so I am like “What is this guy thinking?” but then I remember Shine is insane and I am OK with that. The first time I really took notice of Shine were his Shine awards where I won like two of them for reasons I totally forget, that as a really random and fun concept and I enjoyed them greatly. Shine is an interesting people to talk to because he is whacky yet I very lucid so the conversations are generally zany but thought provoking. Shine is always the first with news and he is usually on top of things. I suppose Shine is one of the few people I like a lot based on what he does on the board as opposed to my personal experience with him. He just brings a game hype insanity to the board that no one can match at present, and it is always a fun read when he does so. Shine on you crazy diamond.

26. PyrrianEdit

Pyrrian is very smart and very logical, to a fault even. I have never seen him speak carelessly and in arguments he always seems to be trying to find a way to trap the opposite side in an ill conceived word choice so that he may crush them underneath his logic. It is like watching a wolf salivate as the lamb comes closer and closer, at its own accord. I still have not had my chance to face Pyrrian one on one in any sort of debate, and for that I am sad. Pyrrian is someone who makes me want to think a lot, which is something I am almost startled by. It has been a long time since I have bothered to be serious in an argument on this board, but Pyrrian’s intellect tugs at my pride, which begs to have one heavyweight fight with him. There are people smarter than Pyrrian yet I don’t feel this tug. I suppose it is his style and demeanor which makes me almost jump out of my skin at a chance to have a war of words with him. Pyrrian you are one interesting guy, and I look forward to that war when we get the chance.

25. SmartMuffinEdit

For the record, I had already started this write up before SmartMuffin posted. Anyway, back to the write up. SmartMuffin reminds me a lot of me, so naturally since I promised I wouldn’t put myself on this list, this is the next best thing! Joking aside SmartMuffin is a hard person to figure out, but I find it sweet that he looks out for me when he believes I am being stupid, it’s a loyal side of him I don’t think many have seen that side of SM, mostly because he chooses not to let it be known. SmartMuffin shares a lot of traits with Turn, except that SM has never pulled a punch and he will fight with anyone he believes to be stupid and won’t care who it is. He is a fighter in the truest sense of the word, and he won’t ever back down in any traditional sense of the word. I like that spirit, who does what he wants because he can and won’t take crap from anyone. I guess that’s why I like him for the most part, because he I sort of see him as an untamable beast to so many others yet he has been fairly open and kind to me, in my experience. It goes almost without saying, but SM is a very intelligent person who puts it to good use almost every time he posts. SM, I like you a lot, and I hope you continue to be that proud beast that I see in you every time you crush another person on this board.

24. Holy ExcaliburEdit

Holy Excalibur is an interesting guy for many reasons, but let me start with the least personal: He knows how to make one hell of a ranking topic yearly. My favorite character beat a lot of awesome characters this year so I get to do a victory dance of some sort. HE always seems to contribute so much to this board but it always goes unnoticed, and I don't know why, he is really good at doing stuff for the board so I don't believe there is any reason why people would ignore him, but maybe it is just my imagination and he is more recognized than I believe, I'd like to think it is that. Beyond the board however lies a person that actually talks about things aside from compiling lists, shocking, I know! He is an interesting guy to talk to, when I get a chance to do so. HE always seems like one of those people that not very many people actually talk to for some strange reason. It is always fun to discuss RPGs, even though he has an absolute hard on for Radiata Stories which no person should have. We have shared a lot of good times, and it is always nice to be able to suggest some of my favorite games to others and have them enjoy them, which HE has done on more than one occasion. If there is anything I could say, it’d be to IM me more, because I seldom remember to IM people. SO IM me HE.

23. Team Rocket EliteEdit

I have always had a fondness for TRE, even if I always wondered why people call him the human computer. He is not as smart as a super computer nor is he as emotionless as one, but some things I suppose I’ll never get. TRE is a really great guy who is, if nothing else, very modest and good natured. He always puts up with my arrogant crap about Pokemon even though he was really nice and gave me a perfectly EV’d Pokemon so I could have a trump card in real life and he even beat me in our last match I believe. Poor Salamence, a mono ice team does not bode well for you. TRE seems pretty far from a computer to me, he is a calm and laid back person who is very intelligent (just not computer like!) and perceptive. I am very glad he was made a mod, I am sure he does his job as well as any of them do, considering how he handles people like me personally. TRE, you may never be quite as good as me in Pokemon, but you are a damn awesome guy and I love to see you post, and you are one of the few people who can humble me. Use this power wisely, my friend.

22. KugeEdit

Kuge is on here for a few reasons, as opposed to many. Kuge completely renewed my love of Poker a few years back because I finally had a poker buddy after years of being lonely. I don’t know why, but Poker is always a lot more fun when you have others to watch and tell about your success with. Sadly throughout the years Kuge has left me behind over the years, going on to much bigger Poker dreams while I am at best a casual player who enjoys a game every now and then, but nonetheless I still play Poker on a pretty regular basis so he’ll have my thanks for that. Kuge is a really nice to talk to even though I am sure he has likely forgotten all of our late night chats all of those years ago. It was weird putting him here, since we have grown distant but I still have a great fondness for Kuge even though he comes up with all these insane topic ideas now that I think are quite insane, in the most literal sense possible. But yeah, I like Kuge, thus he makes the list. You do worry me sometimes through, Kuge.

21. SmurfEdit

Hello Smurf, we meet again. Smurf has always been an oddball to me because I believe he pulled one of the greatest acts on board 8 history and never gets credit for it. When Shake pretends to be a girl in a pathetic way, he was praised, when Smurf plays dumb for 3 years like an expert people only mock him or call him a liar, I never got that. I was maybe one of a few people who knew Smurf was screwing with the board for a long time before he suddenly decided it wasn’t worth it anymore and became his peppy self. I like talking with smurf because he never tries to outwit me, which is something I get by quite a many users who talk to me randomly. They play right into my arrogant game and it makes me think less of them, to be honest. Smurf on the other hand calls me a newb plain and simple and moves on. Smurf is just fun and carefree to talk to, and it is very easy to just randomly banter back and forth just because we can, and that’s something nice when it is 5 A.M. and I don’t feel like being sharp witted or razor sharp. Smurf’s projects on the board are way too excessive, but I usually just ignore them. Also while I am on the subject I can say with 100% confidence that Smurf is not a furry, so stop saying so before I actually have to defend him, you don’t want me defending smurf, you’d need a new punching bag, so pick something else to mock him about. Smurf can be silly but I find him trustworthy and an interesting personality, he’ll make anything a list and a game, and while I may not respect him as much as some people on this list because of it, I like Smurf quite a bit and couldn’t deny him a space on this list. Smurf, I hope you don’t take being this “low” personal, because I have a great fondness for you. Irish Pride!

20. The Raven 2Edit

This is the one who I think people are going to be surprised about, although there is no reason for it. TR2 and I have known each other for a very long time now, and we have always gotten along great no matter where we seem to cross paths. Most of the time we only speak to each other randomly from March to July, never coming into contact on a regular basis. However every August, I always get the same IM from the same person. “Oh hey Chris, just letting you know that the Pick ‘Em league is up and running again and giving the people who have been it in every year first dibs, do you want in?” Do I want in? You are damn straight I want in. Very rarely do I have a chance to talk to a myriad of board 8ers, and every year I get a chance to do that for a solid six months in the Pick ‘em topics, brought to you courtesy of TR2. Pretty much the best long running user contest we have on Board 8, Raven is rarely late or unfair with any of the topics and decisions and that alone would get him a spot on my top forty list, because while I rarely judge a person based off what they do on the board alone, not many topic series get me as excited as his pick ‘em league. Beyond that, however, Raven is a person who is pretty harsh and has a cutting wit, although he so very rarely chooses to display it for the board at large. Raven, you, like so many people on this list, need to IM me more. We can discuss why how wrong you have been about the Bucs all season, it will be fun!

19. Token Black GuyEdit

I must admit, I don’t have much of a "reason" for liking TBG. His wit doesn’t always impress me, his arguments can be somewhat insane, and we hardly talk at all. Yet here he is, on this list. I suppose it is a testament to how honest I am trying to be with this list. I may not have any reasons, but I don’t feel the need to justify why I like him either. I guess the best I can say is I find his posts heart warming and intriguing, and I like how people react to him in the most silly of ways. It is akin to watching someone calmly talking about their beliefs while others shout and rage despite the person’s calm manner; that is what TBG brings to the table. I suppose what they say is true, the parts of a person are not always equal to the sum of those parts. If I break down any one section of TBG I am left unimpressed, but viewing him as a whole I find a good friend who I enjoy talking to and goofing around with when we get the chance. Also while I have the time I would like to say this man has some awesome taste. He likes Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, FFX, Futurama, and considers DQ5 to be the best of the series. Remember, if ever you are down, you have excellent opinions to fall back on, my brother.

18. World DudeEdit

Because I refuse to call you Oli.

Despite the fact that’s what you were called in Microsoft Word while I was jotting down people’s names.

World Dude I believe has a Maverick’s spirit, and I am not referring to any Mega Man spin off here. He does what he wants, likes what he wants, and if you don’t like it, he’ll explode in your face and tell you he just doesn’t care, that’s just how he is. Boy I remember for years when I used to pester him for votes in random contests he was always like “Why?” or “I don’t want to.” I always found it amusing so I would keep pestering him until it was quite obvious I had totally and completely pissed him off, I suppose it is wrong that only made me laugh harder. World Dude is a person I can respect because I’ve never seen him back down from anyone due to pressure and I haven’t ever seen him in a fight that he started, he is just a pretty laid back dude who does his stuff and moves on. A shame he has horrible taste, but no one is perfect after all. World Dude, we have known each other for a long time, I’d just like to thank you for always having my back and you’ve provided me much laughter and joy throughout my years here. Also each explosion you post reminds me just how much of a honorable person you are, and I am personally glad Ted Torpedo got his.

17. SteinerEdit

I was tempted to post a single line stating that I have no idea what to say about Steiner and move on, because I have done that so many times now I believe Steiner is starting to believe me when I say it! Steiner is an interesting person to talk to because he is always very open and honest and we can thank Shake for that, I suppose. Man if he had stayed that same suck up newbie that he was back in the day I think I would have had to shred him! Steiner is one of the people I see as a friend no matter what he does on the board, which only applies to a handful of people. I fully acknowledge that Steiner is totally full of crap half the time and is just messing with us. Okay, I lied, I really have nothing to say about Steiner aside from the fact that he is a really awesome guy who is mellow, sincere, and is pretty fun to share barbs with over AIM. Sorry Steiner, but your write up is in another time space continuum.

16. Big CowEdit

Big Cow is by far the smartest person to ever post on this board, and if AT intimidated me, BC made my brain turn French and I started to wave the white flag any time he was around. My first impression of Big Cow came via the 2k3 Fanfiction Project, where his ideas were on almost every fic and the main plotline. Many believe that his Magus Vs. Ganondorf was the best of the project, which is saying something given the fact that there were so many excellent writers on the team. Big Cow to this day is a hilarious, witty, and good natured person who spreads mischief and evil wherever he may go. Never before has anyone on Board 8 possessed such a fantastic level of manipulation that Big Cow performed here. Also whenever we get a chance to speak Big Cow is never anything but polite and talkative, despite the fact I nearly stalked him for two years on LL asking him to finish the FFP. Perhaps his best act on Board 8 was as the grand villain “Villainous Magus”, never since has there been an alt troll with such style and poignant jabs at some of the board’s most popular users, including myself. Probably the only person who if I met in real life my first instinct would be to ask for an autograph. To put it simply BC, you kick ass. Thanks for showing a stupid teenaged version of me what it meant to be smart, you helped me in ways no one knows, even if you will never realize it.

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