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Hi I'm Sir Cobain, I've been posting on Board 8 since 2005. I don't do anything useful or productive on the board. For like a month or so I was a somewhat popular user (this one time I beat stingers in a user contest). I am most well known for being friends with users who don't post anymore and for liking soccer.

Favorite Things of Mine

Video Games:

SSX3 is pretty awesome, it has probably the most likable cast ever and its fun to just ride around the mountain

Winning Eleven 9 is a cool soccer game and it has John Terry on the cover

Football Manager 2008 is also a cool soccer game with cool boxart and I am better at it than everyone else on Board 8

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a fun game, I like how you can run fast in it

Phantasy Star Online can be played with other B8 users and is generally pretty tight

Sports Teams:

Detroit Red Wings win a lot and have arguably the best front office in sports

Chelsea FC - My favorite player plays for them and they win much more often than my 2nd favorite soccer team

Newcastle United is kind of a crappy team but I still like them, also I like Newcastle Brown Ale

Olympique Lyonnais has a pretty cool guy named Juninho, also Michael Essien and John Carew used to play there and I like them too

English and Dutch National Teams - I am part English and Dutch, plus the Dutch are just fun to watch (I am also part Norweigan but they suck when not playing Brazil)

Detroit Tigers - I am from Michigan so I like them even though they are a mediocre team

Seattle Supersonics - I like to play as them on NBA Jam even though they don't exist anymore


Cokes is a cool buddy to talk about music and play PSO with

ExTha has bad taste in sports teams but is still a cool sports fan

Sess is a funny guy and I like to read his posts

Smurf is an entertaining guy and generally less of a dick these days

- this is a picture of me doing yoga on top of a mountain N761945456 5111552 1711

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