Slowflake is best known for running the Board Odds Projects (or BOP) for every Contest from Spring 2004 to Spring 2006. Slow is interesting in that despite being one of the board's most influential Gurus, he had refused to be involved in any of the Guru Contests. This is possibly a result of his decision to consistently submit the world's most unoriginal brackets, as he rarely (if ever) picks against the chalk that his BOP determines.

Slow also ran the 2006 Nomination Rally Tournament, until abandoning the Contest after being accused of being a poor host. The Rally was eventually saved by Leonhart4. He left B8 in the midst of the drama and didn't return until months later, when the Series Contest was announced. He left the boards "for good" when the 2006 Character Battle bracket was put online, because he'd always hated the idea of removing former champions into a separate bracket. However, login times indicate that he has continued to lurk the boards.

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