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Also known as the SMAFEIBSA (pronounced sma-fee-ib-sah)


2-03-2007: SmartMuffin
2-04-2007: Alex Shelley
2-05-2007: SmartMuffin
2-06-2007: SmartMuffin
2-07-2007: SHINE GET 64
2-08-2007: SmartMuffin
2-09-2007: SmartMuffin
2-10-2007: SmartMuffin
2-11-2007: SmartMuffin
2-12-2007: RayDyn
2-13-2007: SmartMuffin
2-14-2007: SmartMuffin
2-15-2007: SmartMuffin
2-16-2007: SmartMuffin
2-17-2007: ShadowRising7
2-18-2007: SmartMuffin
2-19-2007: X_Dante_X
2-20-2007: SmartMuffin
2-21-2007: RayDyn
2-22-2007: SmartMuffin
2-23-2007: SmartMuffin
2-24-2007: wavedash101
2-25-2007: KJ456
2-26-2007: SmartMuffin
2-27-2007: Tecmo Bo
2-28-2007: Tecmo Bo
3-01-2007: SmartMuffin
3-02-2007: SHINE GET 64
3-03-2007: SmartMuffin
3-04-2007: JayLv99

unlike Vapes and whatever those other ones were, these are quality awards worth winning - SHINE GET 64

Where does the "A" on the end of SMAFEIBSA come from? Shouldn't that be an "M?" - RayDyn

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