TVD Summary Edit

Once PWN'd Kosmo Trainer on Kosmo Radio so bad that the chatroom almost collapsed in laughter. Kosmo still refuses to upload the call file. Then he did it again. Then he apologized.

Other than that, TeeVee lurks and posts when nessecary. Overall good user, but was banned twice from KR. Does that stop him?


"Does she like to bleed?" ~Teevee

The Pelvic Thrust of Win Edit

Not many know of The Pelvic Thrust of Win, to many users it's just a legend. In fact, only six users including TeeVee himself witnessed the deed. Many lives were changed that early, early morning. On Thursday, August 23 at around 1am central time seven Board Eighters held a Bomberman Live! match. It was a wonderful time for BIGPUN9999, Polankerboy, ChaosTony, Capcom Allstar ( TeeVee's bomberman rival ), neon fucking reaper, and Coffee Ninja who all shared some wonderful chuckles. There was one particular match where Capcom was doing pretty terrible and for some reason not rocking the bomberman square which gave TVD time to score some quick, easy wins. During this particular match TVD two easy wins right off the bat. It seemed to the naked Bomberman Live player's eye that he had much trouble trying for this last win, however he was just playing nice like he always does and letting other people have a small taste of round victory. He, as you may know, did indeed win the match.


Pelvic with a side of elmo

This is when the strangest thing happened. It was talked about during the match what may happen if TeeVee won, but not many people thought it would ever happen. There, before the few and proud board eighter's eyes was a pelvis thrust of might, the pelvis of the winner. It went left, right, then back to the left, and then kinda floated around because the winner's hips are bad. Thank goodness for the Xbox live Vision system and thank goodness for internet. That was the legend of The Pelvic Thrust of Win.

Please excuse any spelling errors or linkage errors, thank you. Someone has worked hard to bring this tale to your computer screen.

[Feel free to edit the tale if you were also one of the witness']

System Numbers and Such Edit

Wii Friend Code: 2261 2099 9997 7986

Xbox Live Gamertag: Flanberry

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