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Created by Delseban, The Adventures of Bidoof (also known as "The Best Thing Ever") is a four-panel nonsense comic based on the popular Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl, Bidoof.

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Special #1:

Special #2:

Special #3:

Guest ComicsEdit

Because there were so many, all the guest comics have been split up into separate pages. Bidoofs are known to hang around aprtments and let people in with the buzzer.

Special ComicsEdit

All of the special comics have been moved to separate sections as well.


The article on the three films has been moved due to size restrictions.

Contest: Best. Bidoof. Ever.Edit

A contest for the best comic is in the works and will probably start a few days before the movie to build hype.


  • As pointed out by Heroic Dr Wily, the Bidoof depicted in the comic is female, as evidenced by the tail with three bumps. (The male Bidoof has a tail with five bumps). However, in the Made-For-TV movie The Adventures of Bidoof: Origins of the Ambiguous Gender (see above), it is shown that Bidoof is actually male, and lost two of his tail fluffs when fighting a Fearow.
  • This page was linked to on Wikipedia for around three hours on 5/8/07.[1]

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