The Beginning gained infamy for his June 14, 2007 topic "Anyone want to see any hot pics of my recent ex?". He initially promised to post a picture of his ex every 25 posts, but through the prodding of other users and his progressively better mood, the pictures became more frequent and more explicit. Famously, no picture reveals the ex's face, with many users giving insight as to the cause for this. The Beginning stated that at first, the reason was to protect the girl, herself, however, later on he enjoyed the aura of mystery surrounding the nature of her face. The last three pictures featured each of her three "assets". The pics were deleted and The Beginning was Warned at 01:42:00 AM EST, and Suspended at 01:44:00 AM EST.

Kuge marked the topic for moderation and admitted it in his own topic. In a fit of irony, his topic was deleted in seconds.

(Kuge actually did not mark the topic, but did the usual "claim something, and then in the sig claim it's a joke" trick.)

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