1. a small group of secret plotters, as against a government or person in authority.

2. the plots and schemes of such a group; intrigue.

3. a clique, as in artistic, literary, or theatrical circles.

The Cabal was started up on the 13th November 2007 by Forceful Dragon. The Cabal's aim was to basically stand as a user group that opposed the The Crew and The Clique, the other two main user groups on Board 8. Quite frankly, it's the lamest usergroup ever created. It all started off as a great idea, and technically all these people are supposed to be in it:

01. Forceful Dragon -- (Leader)

02. Xcarvengerx -- (Title Master)

03. Rexcowbam -- (FACE McGilder)

04. AerisDS

05. HeroicTronBonne -- (Sergeant Awesome)

06. Pegleg the Pirate -- (Pirate)

07. El Duerino 84 -- (King of Games)

08. Silencer S -- (Hit man)

09. kdheaven -- (Cool Guy)

10. GeneReaver -- (Defense Contractor)

11. Kyle Bowen -- (Resident Badass)

12. ChocoTuar -- (Peon)

13. _Yonex_ -- (Average Joe)

14. MetaRidleyX -- (Mysterious Masked Man)

15. Ayvuir -- (Getaway Driver)

16. blackstratos -- (I have a gun. pew pew)

17. Oddity -- (Sniffit #3)

18. BeTheMan -- (Ladies Man)

19. agesboy -- (Traitor)

20. Crossfiyah -- (Like Billy Joel)

21. Blackshark_24 -- (OBJECTION! Lawyer)

22. pikaness -- (Mascot)

23. paperwarior -- (Doctor)

24. SwordSaint892 -- (guy)

25. Jay Lv99

26. ShadowRising7

27. gogeta689 -- (Lieutenant LT Smash)

28. spiegel22

2 months later though, and The Cabal has turned into a mere myth, and is now very much a secret small group of users, standing alone, fighting for Board 8 supremacy! The only real active users being blackstratos, SwordSaint892, Ayvuir and Xcarvengerx. We shall never give up though, and the idea of The Cabal shall live on in our hearts! And our sigs...!

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