February 27, 2006

At long last,the time has come. FFDragon, Explicit Content, and Kosmo Trainer have undertaken the tasking of untiting the internet under a common cause- Destroy Korea. We must unite and defeat the flag once and for all! And guys, it's green ink. We're Blue Team.

I'm not sure what happened on the Board 8 invasion, but later LUE un-successfully attempted to destroy the Korean flag in the center and make a giant Lueshi. The Lueshi was only part made, and shoddily, being scribbled over by (presumably) the few awake Koreans, so many anti-Koreans wasted ink dueling to outlast the Koreans and repair parts of the Lueshi, and the Korean flag wasn't damaged much. When the majority of Koreans woke up, the Lueshi was pretty much destroyed and the Korean flag was fully repaired.

Since, many places have tried to take it over. Canada had about 4 different large flags of various size on the ball at one point. Currently, the ball is dominated by no one.

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