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Small-gold-statue--C10233937 The Actual ICON Award

The ICON Award was created by the glorious Board 8 President, Icon, to directly rip-off the great SHINE GET 64's SHINE AWARDs. The ICON Award will be given to those who are worthy of praise from Icon in a variety of fields that are too numerous to name. The ICON Award will be given out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, except when it's not. 5 people will be added to the Shortlist for whatever reason I feel like, and you can plead your case in the nomination topic. Or not.

Previous NomineesEdit

Monday February 27th: Heroic Mario, CycloReaper, Icon, XxSoulxX, oliphaunt.

Wednesday March 1st: transience, ShadowRising7, X Dante X, WVI, Sir Chris.

Friday March 3rd: Heroic Mario, ExThaNemesis, MakeYourChance, Sir Chris, Kyle Bowen.

Monday March 6th: Brainstruck, Gr8CyberMonkey, X Dante X, Tom Bombadil, outback.

Wednesday March 8th: PepsiPlunge, FFDragon, yoblazer33, The Raven 2, CenaStone.

Wednesday March 15th: transience, SA2Tails, supdawg, GamerPanda, Applekidjosh

Monday March 20th: th3l3fty, Xenobi, IhatethisCPU, swirldude, XxSoulxX.

Monday March 27th: transience, Dr-Mario, MakeYourChance, Lightbearer75, Shadow Ryoko.

Wednesday March 29th: Cokes311, ff6man, Kyle Bowen, stingers135, paperwarior.

Previous WinnersEdit

Monday February 27th: oliphaunt

Wednesday March 1st: transience

Friday March 3rd: Sir Chris

Monday March 6th: X Dante X

Wednesday March 8th: PepsiPlunge

Monday March 13th: XxSoulxX, transience

Tuesday March 14th: X Dante X

Wednesday March 15th: supdawg

Friday March 17th: Cokes311

Monday March 20th: th3l3fty, SHINE GET 64

Friday March 24th: FFDragon [2]

Monday March 27th: MakeYourChance

Wednesday March 29th: ff6man

ICON Award RecordsEdit

The Record for most nominations: transience (3)

The Record for the most wins: TIE -- X Dante X, transience, FFDragon (2)

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