The "Most Powerful Fictional Hero Ever" was a contest started by a12340001 shortly before and lasting throughout the Summer 2006 Contest. It was the first of many further series of Board 8 topics pitting fictional characters in hypothetical battles against each other.


Voting rules 1. This is a tournament of fighting ability, not a popularity contest, so please vote as such. Kindly refrain from voting if you know nothing about one or both of the characters - you can easily find out information both in the above summary and the posts in the topic.

2. The fights are to be as fair as possible, with both characters having access to all their regular abilities and whatever items they would typically bring to battle. However, they would not have one-time or once-held super items (for example, Link would not have the Triforce). I know, "fair" is very objective, but I suppose that may be something each individual will have to consider themselves.

3. As with any other contest, no alt voting. If you are caught, you will no longer be allowed to participate.


KOS-MOS / Mega Man (20-4): The android's sheer firepower was decidedly far too much for the blue bomber to match.

Captain America / Captain Falcon (13-21): The awesome destructive force of Falcon Punch won the battle for the legendary bounty hunter.

Wolverine / Squall Leonhart (18-3): Wolverine's incredible regenerative ability had easily overcome any attacks Squall and his gunblade could muster.

Link / Edward Elric (20-37): The Hero of Time's reliance on his equipment turned out to be a fatal weakness as Ed transforms Link's items into junk.

Samus / Master Chief (33-2): Samus's greatly superior weaponry and armor quickly finished the fight with her Spartan opponent.

Luke Skywalker / Zero (33-20): Luke's mastery of the Force was able to give him the edge in his duel against his Reploid combatant.

Batman / Alucard (19-29): Batman's inability to exploit any weaknesses of Alucard allowed the half vampire to prevail with his superior strength and ability.

Naruto / Kenshiro (13-14): Kenshiro's lightning-fast speed and killing touch allowed him to barely triumph over the power of the Kyubi.

Silver Surfer / Green Lantern (28-4): Hal Jordan's willpower wasn't nearly enough to overcome the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic.

Phoenix / Gogeta (61-47): The Saiyan's mastery of the ki and the martial arts turned out to be useless against Phoenix's telekinesis.

Dumbledore / Gandalf (17-48): Despite his vast dueling experience, the wizarding headmaster still lost to the White Wizard in a battle of magic.

Cloud / Gray Fox (27-4): Gray Fox's exoskeleton hadn't been enough of an advantage to surmount Cloud's agility and materia.

Dark Schneider / Captain Planet (23-5): Earth's defender of the environment was helpless against the awe-inspiring power of the Adam of Darkness.

Lina Inverse / Magus (13-18): The dark prince's deadly scythe, wide range of spells, and wits were sufficient to barely best the powerful sorceress.

Black Mage / Aeris (26-5): Evilwizardington's skill with the knife and his Hadouken were apparently too much for Aeris to handle.

Sora / Rand al'Thor (3-24): The wielder of the Keyblade had little chance against his swordmaster opponent's superior abilities.

Superman / Kirby (31-5): The pink puffball's suction power was futile against a hero strong enough to resist black holes.

Jack Bauer / Solid Snake (16-41): The super soldier's larger and more advanced inventory of combat equipment gave him the victory over the top American operative.

Thor / Auron (37-2): Regrettably, the guardian of Spira was severely undermatched in his fight against the god of thunder.

Yoda / Sentry (11-30): Sentry's extraordinarily superhuman abilities were sufficient to overwhelm the Jedi Master.

Spider-Man / The Terminator (33-7): The T-850 just wasn't designed to handle foes as strong and agile as his costumed foe.

Hulk / Popeye (31-29): In a battle of muscles, the spinach-powered sailor fell just short of defeating the Incredible Hulk.

Haruhi Suzumiya / Lain Iwakura (24-19): The eccentric SOS Brigade member manages to defeat an omnipotent entity without even knowing how it happened.

Professor X / Harry Potter (50-1): The famous young wizard's Occulmency lessons were useless against a psychic of Xavier's power.

Neo / Vegeta (9-41): The savior of the human race had neither the speed nor power to be a match against the Saiyan warrior.

Mario / Squirrel Girl (28-34): The beloved Italian plumber was overwhelmed by Squirrel Girl's unique squirrel abilities.

Dante / Sonic (30-23): The half-demon hero was able to weather his speed disadvantage and subdue the blue blur.

Crono / Morrigan (6-32): The heiress of Hell was in an entirely different league from her spiky-haired opponent.

Goku / Kim Possible (67-4): Kim Possible falls far short of achieving her "I can do anything" motto when faced with the impossible.

Vincent Valentine / Simon Belmont (33-24): The talented gunslinger brought down the legendary vampire slayer with his range and gravity-defying agility.

Ichigo Kurasaki / Kurama (4-24): The former renowned demon bandit outmaneuvered and overpowered one of the strongest Soul Reapers without much trouble.

Mewtwo / Ness (51-9): In a clash between psychics, the legendary Pokemon emerged victorious over his gifted young opponent.

KOS-MOS / Captain Falcon (46-11): The famed bounty hunter fell quickly to the android's devastating firepower.

Wolverine / Edward Elric (25-39): The Fullmetal Alchemist's impressive intellect and versatile abilities allowed him to prevail over the melee-specialized Wolverine.

Samus / Luke Skywalker (4-62): The feared Chozo champion's beam and missile weapons were in vain against a master of the Force.

Alucard / Kenshiro (16-4): The supreme martial arts master was fatally unprepared for Alucard's vampiric magics and physique.

Silver Surfer / Phoenix (17-14): The influence of the Power Cosmic dominated that of the Phoenix Force in the struggle between the former Herald and the Omega-level mutant.

Gandalf / Cloud (43-40): In the end, the powers of a demi-god were too much for the famous sword-wielding hero to overcome.

Dark Schneider / Magus (39-7): Even the heir to the magical kingdom of Zeal was completely outclassed by the Adam of Darkness and his sorceries.

Black Mage / Rand al'Thor (6-29): The Dragon Reborn managed to put an end to the egotistical Light Warrior with his greater control over reality and the elements.

Superman / Solid Snake (45-13): Despite the genetically engineered super-soldier's incredible physique, skills, and experience, as a mere human Snake stood little chance against the Kryptonian.

Thor / Sentry (15-22): The ancient god of thunder's centuries of battle experience fell short of defeating the newest member of his former superhero team.

Spider-Man / Hulk (6-42): The famous spider-themed superhero had no way of surpassing the Hulk's extreme durability.

Haruhi Suzumiya / Professor X (39-41): In a match that seemingly could have gone either way, Xavier's psychic mind was able to restrain the SOS-Brigade leader's vast power over reality.

Vegeta / Squirrel Girl (58-37): The scourge of Marvel supervillians failed in her attempt to add Vegeta to her repertoire of victories.

Dante / Morrigan (7-40): Morrigan proved herself to be the stronger demon by far through battle with the half-devil son of Sparda.

Goku / Vincent Valentine (71-4): The Saiyan's almost unparalleled speed and fighting talent was far too great for Vincent to match.

Kurama / Mewtwo (11-49): The notorious ingenuity and wisdom of the ancient former Fox Demon couldn't create a solution for Mewtwo's dominating telekinesis in time.

KOS-MOS / Edward Elric (38-4): Due to KOS-MOS's variety of powerful ranged attacks, the Fullmetal Alchemist was unable to move close enough to the android to perform a lethal transmutation.

Luke Skywalker / Alucard (47-8): The son of Dracula fell to a mere human when confronted with the binding power of the Force.

Silver Surfer / Gandalf (56-7): The demi-god's formidable magics were decidedly no match against a cosmic being of Silver Surfer's level.

Dark Schneider / Rand al'Thor (43-7): The legendary swordmaster and his fierce powers over the threads of reality suffered defeat in the face of Dark Schneider's awe-inspiring abilities.

Superman / Sentry (29-23): After an epic battle of blinding speed and displays of immeasurable strength between the two solar-powered superheroes, the Man of Steel barely managed to emerge victorious.

Hulk / Professor X (31-26): The paraplegic genius couldn't succeed in bypassing Hulk's mental defenses quickly enough to protect himself.

Vegeta / Morrigan (39-52): Despite Vegeta's superior determination, he was simply too outclassed in power by the mighty Darkstalker to secure a victory.

Goku / Mewtwo (66-72): The powerful Saiyan's weakness to telepathic assaults allowed his psychic opponent to take control of the fight.

KOS-MOS / Luke Skywalker (34-69): Luke's control of the Force's telekinetic properties turned out to be enough to fend off KOS-MOS's devastating weaponry and destroy her internal systems.

Silver Surfer / Dark Schneider (45-53): Finding and destroying Dark Schneider's eternal atom while being barraged by lethal spells proved to be too difficult a task for even the strongest of Galactus's heralds.

Superman / Hulk (68-20): The super-intelligent Kryptonian was able to deduce a method of defeating the Hulk before he became outmatched in strength.

Morrigan / Mewtwo (49-41): The Makai demon's overwhelming infernal energies were too great for the arguably most powerful of all Pokemon to contain.

Luke Skywalker / Dark Schneider (31-79): The ancient sorcerer's nearly unmatched speed allowed him to claim victory over the greatest Jedi warrior.

Superman / Morrigan (48-57): Superman's vulnerability to magical attacks turned out to be too severe a disadvantage against the S-Class Darkstalker.

Dark Schneider / Morrigan (72-63): Even the soul-draining powers of the most formidable succubus in existence were ineffectual against the Adam of Darkness, leading to Dark Schneider's victory over the Queen of Hell herself.

Extrapolated Standings

50.000 - Dark Schneider

46.667 - Morrigan

45.918 - Silver Surfer

42.666 - Superman

42.523 - Mewtwo

41.473 - Phoenix

40.678 - Goku

40.003 - Vegeta

37.742 - Sentry

36.098 - Gogeta

31.162 - Squirrel Girl

30.601 - Thor

28.182 - Luke Skywalker

28.146 - Mario

21.270 - Zero

19.396 - Hulk

19.123 - Solid Snake

18.748 - Popeye

18.606 - KOS-MOS

17.857 - Captain Planet

17.693 - Professor X

17.251 - Haruhi Suzumiya

16.420 - Yoda

15.589 - Kurama

15.240 - Lain Iwakura

15.217 - Magus

14.737 - Crono

14.401 - Neo

14.000 - Rand al'Thor

13.897 - Dante

12.764 - Lina Inverse

12.757 - Ness

12.063 - Sonic

11.853 - Kirby

11.480 - Green Lantern

10.736 - Jack Bauer

10.147 - Gandalf

09.780 - Cloud

08.201 - Alucard

07.182 - Captain Falcon

06.492 - Batman

06.203 - Mega Man

05.493 - Captain America

05.307 - Dumbledore

04.849 - Spiderman

04.799 - Black Mage

04.580 - Kim Possible

04.455 - Ichigo Kurasaki

04.336 - Vincent Valentine

03.652 - Simon Belmont

03.542 - Edward Elric

03.416 - Samus

03.280 - Kenshiro

03.159 - Naruto

03.140 - Auron

03.111 - Sora

02.767 - Wolverine

02.523 - Gray Fox

02.486 - Link

01.697 - The Terminator

01.548 - Aeris

00.791 - Squall Leonhart

00.694 - Harry Potter

00.390 - Master Chief

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