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Link is soooo stoked for the next episode of The Show

The Show (aka The GameFAQs Contest Podcast) is a weekly wrapup of the notable results and matchups during the GameFAQs Contest season. The show began production in December of 2009 and is currently hosted by Ngamer alongside his co-host yoblazer. (Ed Bellis served as co-host for Season One.)

Every episode of the show is available for download at the following site:

See Also Edit

Season Six - Years 2017 Edit

Episode Four - The '06/'11 Picture Scandal & Stars and Turds of R1, with whatisurnameplz Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Our first new guest in two years (wow!), whatisurnameplz
  • 2011's big upset aka the 2006 picture controversy
  • In depth breakdown of all results the past week
  • What years are looking best for R2 and beyond, including...
    • with 1998 showing a hint of weakness, does 2001's dominating win give it a shot at the upset? who has the edge in the 1994/1991 showdown?
  • Our picks for the biggest Stars and Turds of R1

Episode Three - Early BYIG Results, Trends, & Zelda Talk, with LordoftheMorons Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of Contest Expert and Zelda superfan (because one isn't enough) LordoftheMorons
  • a fair and even-handed analysis of SB's handling of the Contest so far
  • breakdown of the WildCard and first two days of match results
  • using the trends they've revealed to predict the rest of R1 and some key later matchups
  • thought experiment: how deep a run would 2017 have been able to make?
    • yoblazer's hotly anticipated Breath of the Wild review and thoughts from Ng & LotM

Episode Two - Saving Your Bracket & North Side Preview, with Leon Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Leon arrives to save the day!
  • SB, we have a few concerns...
  • Fun ways to get involved in Contest season (like Guru, Oracle, & The Crew)
  • A shocking announcement from Mister yoblazer!
  • Detailed breakdown of the South side of the bracket, including...
    • 1994/2004, 2011/2006, 2013/2003, 2015/2005, 1991/1994, and 2003/2005
  • What has the best chance of stopping 1998?

Episode One - Best Year In Gaming, North Side Preview Edit

Topics Covered:

  • the glorious return of co-host yoblazer!
  • Best Year in Gaming- how interesting is it as a concept?
  • $2000 on the line! how SB can take this Contest to the next level
  • Anchors versus Depth, the age old debate
  • Can anything overpower 90s nostalgia?
  • Detailed breakdown of the entire North side of the bracket, including...
    • 1985/1987, 2000/1990, 1995/2001, 2000/1996, and the North Finals

Season Five - Games 2015 Edit

Episode Eight - Undertale Pulls It Off & 2015 In Review. Best. Contest. Ever? with Leon and Darunia Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guests Leon and Darunia
  • did Ocarina disappoint in the Finals, or was it simply doomed from the start?
  • three upsets in a row, including Mario RPG doing the impossible!
  • Melee/Undertale was the ultimate slugfest, smashing all records
  • SB Runs Wild, awesome post-Contest stats & info
  • GameFAQs is the top story of the day at Kotaku!
  • ideas for the 2016 Contest plus Guru Champ Dp's nomination choices for each. improved scoring system, bring back Battle Bracket?
  • deciding how 2015 stacks up versus all past brackets

Episode Seven - B8 DOOMSDAY (CT/Pokemon), And How Far Can Melee Go? with Bane and LordOfTheMorons Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Six - Epic Undertale/Pokemon Showdown and OMG Chrono Trigger! with KP and Kora Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guests KamikazePotato and Korayashi
  • SB trolls B8 HARD over "a robot influencing the votes" to give UT the win over Mario World
  • 52% of B8 says the Undertale rallies have made the bracket less interesting, 74% think it can be beaten. are they right, and is Pokemon the game to pull it off?
  • Super Metroid destroys Galaxy; can it take down Majora as well?
  • - should Chrono Trigger be the outright favorite against both Melee AND FF7 now?
  • other Stars and Turds of the last week

Episode Five - Can ANYONE Stop Undertale and W3 in Review with Nick and Alec Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Four - Week Two Review, Undertale Hype, and Cloud in Smash?! with KP and Big Bob Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Three - Week One Recap and WHOA Undertale! with Menji Edit

Topics Covered:

  • discussion of how special guest Menji is having The Week of His Life
  • live reaction to Undertale's impossible comeback on Mass Effect 3 (reversing a doubling)
  • who should be the D1 favorite, CT Melee or FFX?
  • Pokemon disappoints, does Mario 3 have the edge... but OH NO what will R2 Undertale rallies do to this matchup?
  • our STARS and TURDS of the first week
  • discussion of SB's controversial plan to shorten the Contest to 40 days

Episode Two - Last Chance to Save Your Bracket! with Nick Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest Whiskey Nick
  • fun ways to get involved, including $125 in prizes just from B8 contests
  • Chrono Trigger mysteriously earned the overall #1 seed, BUT HOW
  • voting loyalty: the game you played for 100 hours in 2015, or the one you played for 100 hours when you were 15?
  • last minute bracket-saving advice on Borderlands/Earthbound, FF6/Wind Waker, CT/FFX/Melee, and many others
  • can Pokemon run the Mario gauntlet, and can FF7 run the Nintendo gauntlet (Smash 4-Wind Waker-Melee-Pokemon/Mario) to earn its Ocarina rematch?

Episode One - 128 Game Contest, OMG! with Leon Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest Leon
  • HYPE through the roof
  • largest prize pool ever
  • what a bracket!
  • format clarifications and some controversial snubs and flubs
  • expert advice on some of the trickiest Fourpacks of Fun
  • will Mario, Smash, or Pokemon top FF7? is Ocarina safe from outside rallies without LoL or Dota to worry about?

Season Four - Characters 2013 Edit

Episode Twelve - CB9 Wrapup, SB/Reddit Butthurt, Plus Fun With MrsBacon! with XIII Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest XIII
  • where do we go from here- is a 2014 Games Contest the right answer?
  • Mewtwo/Draven: Bacon lied, brackets died. wait, or was it MrsBacon all along(!)
  • breaking down an epic celebrity-filled 14 hours of Snake/Draven, plus an explanation of the huge afternoon Reddit surge
  • introducing the Guru Champ and their nom choice, plus all the other sub-Contest winners
  • overall grade for CB9 and where it ranks all time

Episode Eleven - WHAT THE **** JUST HAPPENED? with Zen Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guests Zen and almost SBAllen
  • Mega Man overcomes all obstacles to somehow outrally Charizard
  • yet Cloud and Sora are unable to sneak past Pokemon despite ideal conditions, jeez guys
  • SB opens up to the board... after getting called fat. uhhhhh okay
  • what should we do for the two Bonus Polls in the next five days?
  • incredible bracket advice from some TRUE experts, including one coming in on a streak of 9 botched preds in a row

Episode Ten - The Vivi and Mewtwo Stunners, plus "Buttfurious over Draven," with Nick and Alec Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guests Nick and Alec
  • Draven > Link sends B8 into a 24 hour flurry of butt-adjectives!
  • after 90 minutes of downtime, was SB correct to not extend or re-run the match?
  • Vivi shocks the world by upending the comeback king Mario
  • Mewtwo smashes a Noble Niner out of nowhere, what the heck
  • will Squirtle do the same to Cloud?
  • can ANYONE stop the Draven madness?

Episode Nine PokeFEAR Strikes B8 and New Guy Week, with Angelo and Korayashi Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Eight - Draven Ruins Everything, plus OMG @ Mewtwo, DK, and Wrex! with Leon and ExThaEdit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guests Leon and ExTha
  • Draven shatters the Contest universe with a single punch from reddit
  • will the Hero of Time come to the rescue in our time of greatest need?
  • Vincent loses to Mewtwo... AND Phoenix?!
  • Wrex and Shepard results have us singing for joy
  • DK transforms from Choke Artist to GameFAQs Superstar overnight
  • a certain user brings great shame to the B8 community

Episode Seven - Mizno & Tidus CHEAT, Kefka wows, + Division of Death recap!Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest NO ONE (but yoblazer returns!)
  • Tidus and Mizno cheat their brains out in one of the most controversial matches in years
  • just as we predicted, The Touhou Project threatens to tear this entire Contest apart
  • Kefka delights yet again
  1. 2-in-the-world-yoblazer manages to navigate the Division of Death flawlessly... wait did someone say Groose?
  • a 10 minute verbal slugfest on whether Cecil or Pit will finish #1 *cough*
  • Expert advice for the remainder of R1, including a stunning revelation regarding ? Block/Rikku

Episode Six - Falcon versus The Plan and Proto Man Curses The Show, with RPGLord and Wigs Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of new co-host RPGLord & special guest Wigs
  • Captain Falcon makes a genius of 14% of the board! ...only to fall victim to The Plan in the final moments
  • Proto Man threatens to enact The Show Curse live on air; plus intense Horse Updates as Epona leaves the gate
  • stars and turds of D3 and D4
  • an extended look at the biggest Expert Picks for the next 28 matches, whoaaaa

Episode Five - Draven and Chester Make History, Plus The Bet Payoff AGAIN, with Chris and Zen Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Four - Draven Did WHAT!? And The Bet Payoff, with Chris Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest Sir Chris
  • payoff on the yo/Chris bet, since Jak > Draven. WAIT WHAT?
  • Link underperforms by over 10%, is he dooooomed?
  • Tharja and Tina go down to the wire
  • Chris' boy Hero makes a fool of most Oracle pickers

Episode Three - All the Big Round One Matches, with Leon Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Two - The Bracket Breakdown, with ExTha Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest ExTha
  • reaction to THE FORMAT: 240+ characters, 3 ways where only 1 advanced
  • reaction to THE EXTRAS: the Dojo slowroll, fun 1/3/8/27 seeds, plus a new tweak for Battle Brackets(!)
  • favorite and least favorite bracket placements/wasted potential
  • gut reactions to the biggest matches plus the ultimate treat- a rare debatable Championship Match

Episode One - "Finally. FINALLY!" with RPGLord Edit

Topics Covered:

  • introduction of special guest RPGLord
  • 200+ characters, what the heck?!
  • brief comments on B8's Top Ten nomination choices
  • last second nomination advice! (make a case for 2 characters outside our top ten)
  • a very special bracket breakdown on the REAL #1 GameFAQs Contest (Best Simpsons Song)

Season Three - Rivalry Rumble (2011) Edit

Episode Nine - The Full Rivals Recap, with Leon and Ulti Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests Leon and Ulti
  • Red/Blue vs Cloud/Seph, wowza!
  • Final Grade for Bacon
  • What Next? (is 128 Games the best option for 2012? ban JUST Link, or Cloud too?)
  • Seriously though... was this THE WORST EVER? (ranking Rivals overall)

Episode Eight - Squall/Sora Shocker and an Interview with the Champ, with SuperNiceDog and ExTha Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Interview with the future Champ SuperNiceDog (what will his Guru nom be?) also ExTha's back
  • Squall vs Sora recap
  • Is there enough support for a bonus "Bronze Medal Match?"
  • 61 Perfect Battlers Remain
  • REAL TALK- worst Contest ever?

Episode Seven - The Sora Comeback, Plus Frog Holds On, with RPGLord and voltch Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests RPGLord and voltch
  • Comments on Samus vs Bosses (1 hour into match)
  • Trainers > Fighters with ease (Mario doomed? salvo at Link?)
  • Sora > Dante in closest match, 1st real comeback
  • Frog holds off GlaDOS, close wire to wire, only 33% picked it

Episode Six - Sora vs Dante and more Round Three Action, with Leon and Big Bob Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests Leon and Big Bob
  • Sora/Dante put on a show
  • Could Fighters/Trainers or Samus/Bosses liven things up?
  • 111 PERFECT BATTLERS REMAIN. advice on Frog vs GlaDOS and others
  • BREAKING NEWS - for the first time ever, votals have officially hit below-2002 levels of suck!

Episode Five - Phoenix Madness in Week Two, with KoolAid and AKJ Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests KoolAid and AKJ
  • Phoenix Division MADNESS!
  • Preds for Phoenix vs Alucard, GlaDOS vs Frog
  • Battle picks - only 131 Perfects left. advice for Siegfried vs Ramza, Kirby vs Sonic

Episode Four - Rivalries Matter, Kind Of, with ExTha and Kotetsu Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests ExTha and Kotetsu
  • Rivalries Matter! Ryu & Sub-Zero post huge numbers
  • Zelda team doesn't dominate, is Link DOOOOOOOMED?
  • Stars and Turds of Week One
  • Preds for Phoenix vs Gordon and MMX vs Sub-Zero

Episode Three - The Full Bracket Breakdown, with RPGLord Edit

Topics Covered:

Episode Two - Breaking Down Round One, with Alec Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest Alec
  • Wasted opportunities: the bracket placements SB screwed up
  • R1 breakdown: thoughts on Gordon/Breen vs Phoenix/Edgeworth, Pac-Man/Blinky vs Crash/Neo Cortex, and 8 others
  • Tiebreaker advice: thoughts regarding total votes in the Championship match

Episode One - Welcome to the Rivalry Rumble, with Leon Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest Leon
  • New Format: Character Rivalries. worth a shot?
  • SB bans from Suggestion List: Mario/Sonic, MMX/Zero, Einstein
  • Will SmarterVoterFAQs return? (aka will rivalries matter)
  • Overall interest level for this Contest

Season Two - Game of the Decade (2010) Edit

Episode Fourteen - Game of the Decade Wrapup, Awards, and PCAin' with Ulti Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest Ulti
  • Time to Grade Bacon!
  • Fallout/Brawl, FFX/Majora, Majora/Brawl... WHAT HAPPENED?
  • What was the Best Match of the Contest? Runner up?
  • Overall Stars of the Season. How about Turds?
  • Infidel and Divine Prophet - Full Season Wrapup
  • Where do we go from here?
  • GotD was fun, but where does it rank ALL-TIME?
  • 20 seconds to pimp a Character nom!

Reaction of the Week: XIII, still furious over GTA:SA's loss all these weeks later

Episode Thirteen - CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION featuring Majora vs FFX vs Brawl, with Don M and Black Turtle Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: Don, distressed but helpless as a moon crashes down on his dream of a Contest Championship

Episode Twelve - Brawl Smashes Melee, KH2 > KH1, SotC > MGS AGAIN, and ZeldaFAQs, with ExTha and Wigs Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: Ermine, trusting voltch juuuuust long enough to suffer the worst burn of his life

Episode Eleven - SotC > MGS, the WoW Flop, and the ASV Master (Chief), with RPGLord and Bio Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: RPGLord, completely no-selling every Melee > Brawl argument we can throw at him

Episode Ten - RacistFAQs Strikes Back, The Cult of Persona, and LUSTERMANIA, with FFD and Chris Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests FFD and Sir Chris
  • Early preds and then LIVE reactions to Portal's incredible first hour vs FF12
  • Indepth breakdown of Dead Rising/Persona 4 and The Comeback That Wasn't
  • RacistFAQs, jRPGFAQs, NintendoFAQs? HOW did GTA lose to Golden Sun?
  • Several stunning choices for R2 Stars and Turds!
  • Luster's 244 Bracket BloodBath: Does SB need to create a "Luster Law"?
  • The rantiest edition of Infidel and Divine Prophet yet!

Reaction of the Week: FFD, horrified beyond words by Chris' bashing of both Resident Evil 4 AND Dead Rising

Episode Nine - Gears Get Jammed, Kratos Ascends, and Dat Pic Factor, with KoolAid Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest KoolAid
  • Paper Mario 2 scores one of the biggest R1 upsets ever over Gears of War
  • LIVE UPDATES as God of War struggles with Tales of Symphonia in the early going
  • A few small Stars of Turds from the end of R1/start of R2
  • Hot New Segment that breaks down this week's Pic Advantages!
  • Ngamer tries his best to avoid Infidel and Divine Prophet

Reaction of the Week: KoolAid, slowly comprehending the sickening significance of "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn"

Episode Eight - New Super Mario BOMB and the Rise of Phoenix, with ExTha and AKJ Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests AKJ and ExTha
  • Mario shatters 87% of the board's Battle Brackets
  • Phoenix Wright predictions and live play by play
  • Great back and forth on the week's biggest Stars and Turds
  • Giving you the PERFECT call on the three matches that would have ruined your Battle bracket this week
  • Another highly objectionable edition of Infidel and Divine Prophet

Reaction of the Week: Applekidjosh, issuing a massive retreat after being told we just spent 10 minutes discussing a Link match pic that doesn't even exist

Episode Seven - Persona wins, the Dead Rise and Other W3 Action, with Alec and Lisel Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests Alec and Lisel
  • Persona's wins and the rise of the jRPG vs TWEWY's murder and the Rise of the Dead
  • Easy Star choices (like Portal), but controversial picks for Turd!
  • Great new segment called "Bank or Bust" will ensure your Battle Bracket success
  • Infidel and Prophet choices that are sure to have on on the edge of your seat

Reaction of the Week: The B8 Anime Club, celebrating the survival of yet another child hostage

Episode Six - The Morrowind, VC, R/S/E Stunners and Other W2 Action, with ExTha and Justin Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: Dr Football, driven insane by the performance of his Guru championship pick

Episode Five - The TF2/Fable Nailbiter and Mario/Sonic Flops, with Wigs and Angelo Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guests Wigs and Angelo
  • Indepth breakdown of Week 1's two major upsets (Halo 3/SMS) and the one almost upset (TF2/Fable)
  • "Big Franchise" games failing left and right... will this be the official GotD trend?
  • Everyone makes their Star and Turd choices for the action in the first two divisions
  • A very special edition of Divine Prophet, for sickening reasons

Reaction of the Week: Wigs, Angelo, and Smurf, sick to their stomachs from the very moment the Street Fighter vs Sonic poll opened

Episode Four - Deus Ex/RB2, TF2/Fable and B8's Surprising Picks, with Ulti Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest Ulti
  • Deus Ex shocks us only 12 hours into the season with an upset of Rock Band 2
  • Underestimating Fable heading into its match with Team Fortress 2?
  • Board 8's most surprising bracket predictions (based on the Guru stats)
  • Great "value" upsets we didn't have the guts to pick

Reaction of the Week: ExTha, blown away by ridiculous picks from both Ng (Prime > Half-Life 2) and yo (Sonic Adventure 2 > Super Mario Sunshine)

Episode Three - Saving You 12 Pts In Your GotD Bracket, with ExTha Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest ExTha
  • ExTha gives his "Three Matches that Board 8 GOT WRONG" (based on the BOP picks)
  • yo also explains 3 bad choices B8 has been making so far
  • Insider Info regarding what will be "the Charizard of this Contest"
  • 300% more singing than has ever been heard on The Show before
  • A SHOCKING announcement for Divine Prophet

Reaction of the Week: ExTha and yoblazer, gleefully stunned over an Attitude-era WWF game winning a Contest match

Episode Two - Breaking Down the GotD Bracket, with tranny Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of special guest tranny
  • How do we rate this bracket overall?
  • Three cheers for SB!
  • Hot debate of Melee/Brawl, KH1/KH2, MGS3/MGS4, ToS/God of War, Halo/Sunshine, FFX/Smash, and all the other big hitters of the season!
  • Could 2010 be "the year of the rally"?
  • Another fabulous edition of Infidel and Divine Prophet

Reaction of the Week: Sailor Bacon, verbally fellated by a 20 minute barrage of praise

Episode One - GotD HYPE, Championship Picks, and Best Nom Rallies, with Ed Bellis Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Meet the new co-host, yoblazer! Ed Bellis returns as our first Guest
  • How excited are we for the new Game of the Decade Contest?
  • Early Championship picks
  • Best chance at a win, OUTSIDE of "the big three" games?
  • Good darkhorse candidates for this season
  • Gut reaction preds for the Guru winner and the B8's other top nom rallies
  • Two BRAND NEW weekly (maybe?) segments!

Reaction of the Week: Ed Bellis, emotionally devastated after learning of Icehawk's nefarious scheme and its unsettling consequences

Season One - Characters 2010 Edit

Episode Thirteen - The 2010 Character Battle Wrapup Show, with Ulti Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of Guest Commentator Ulti and First-Time Audience Member SB
  • How has SB done so far as Contest Admin (2007-present)?
  • What next for the Contests?
    • 128 Game 1v1!
    • All Fictional Character Battle?
    • Should Link be removed?
  • Final thoughts on "the story" of the 2010 Contest
  • Favorite matches/results of 2010
  • 2010 results that still don't make any sense
  • Results and props for this season's side-contests (Oracle, Guru, Spread)
  • Was the 2010 season THE BEST EVER?

Reaction of the Week: Steiner, transported to a dreamworld of magic after downloading his first episode of The Show

Episode Twelve - The Charizard Stunner, Snake vs Seph, and the Elite 8, with Leon and Icehawk Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: charmander, deducing that he and every other stat head on the board was just outsmarted by Heroic Palmer

Episode Eleven - Bowser, Mizno > Seph, and Pika > Snake LIVE, with cokes and voltch Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of Guest Stars cokes and voltch
  • Pika/Snake preds, followed by 25 minutes of Pika updates in REAL TIME
  • Hot upsets by Big Daddy and the Koopa King
  • Will Mizno pull a "Pika" on Seph... only 5x worse?
  • Stars and Turds for R3 so far

Reaction of the Week: Ngamer, tasting defeat (and the death of his bracket) with an Auron loss

Episode Ten - Heroic Ryu, Falcon CLUTCH, and the Second Half of Round Two, with TRE and Dabu Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: mammerjammer, learning the real reason for her son's suspension

Episode Nine - Master Choke and the First Half of Round Two, with KoolAid and Sir Chris Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: Sir Chris, (finally) receiving his invitation to guest host The Show

Episode Eight - Missingno and The Death of the Noble Nine, with Leon and charmander Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction of Guest Stars Leon and charmander
  • New Status: The Official GameFAQs Podcast (unofficially)
  • How did Missingno do it?
  • Missingno as 2010 Contest champ?
  • Revan's upset and other Week 4 results
  • Round One in Review, including...
  • Top Five Most Impressive and Most Disappointing Performances (based on the Oracle consensus)
  • Round Two - what to watch for

Reaction of the Week: voltch, viewing the Crono/Missingno results for the first time

Episode Seven - The Tidus, Kratos, and Kratos Flops, with Wigs and Kaxon Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: SenpaiDessus, expressing his feelings regarding Ngamer's Umbrella Chronicles theory

Episode Six - The Kefka Miracle, with yoblazer and Kleenex Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: yoblazer, considering whether Kefka is the most entertaining Contest entrant in history

Episode Five - Best. First Week. Ever. Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Furious Podcast/Apples to Apples multitasking by Ed
  • The Top Two Stars of Week 1
  • The Top (Bottom?) Two Turds of Week 1
  • Quick breakdown of the other D1 and D2 results
  • Is Altair primed for a deep run in D2?
  • Guru update... The King is Dead!
  • SPECIAL OUTRO: Conan's final signoff, plus Freebird

Reaction of the Week: UltimaterializerX, deducing that Cecil would have BEATEN Knuckles in a Night Match

Episode Four - The Big Six Matches of 2010 Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Game of the Year/Decade and SB's inability to tell time or dates
  • Phoenix vs Jecht
  • FFX - can its hot streak (luck streak?) continue?
  • Kratos vs Charizard
  • '10: The Death of the Joke Character?
  • Snake vs Sephiroth - Battle of the Decade
  • Sprite Round Shakedown!

Reaction of the Week: Leonhart, looking ahead to Squall vs Auron

Episode Three - What Will Be The Story of 2010? Edit

Topics Covered:

  • Ed's hair-raising giraffe encounter
  • GotY polls and why they suck lately
  • Recapping the "Story of the Year" for '03-'08
  • A new site shift... to what?
  • Noble Nine continues to collapse
  • ...will it produce a tighter overall field?
  • Vote Trends and how they'll mess w/ 12 hour matches
  • 128 Game 1v1 Bracket with FF7 and Ocarina retired = heaven

Reaction of the Week: The Utility Man, unlocking Ed's mysterious giraffe innuendo

Episode Two - Why You Love Contest Season Edit

Topics Covered:

Reaction of the Week: nintendogirl, imagining watching Predestined Divination Riding Again

Episode One - The Bracket Revealed Edit

Topics Covered:

  • With co-host Ed Bellis!
  • Revelation of the 2010 Character Battle bracket(!)
  • Discussion of the new format (1v1s vs 4ways)
  • Fisticuffs over SB's bracket placement decisions
  • Quick division by division breakdown & some match highlighting

Reaction of the Week: Icehawk, realizing he's no longer the only game in town

External Links Edit

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