Tom Bombadil was the first user to ever have a nickname dubbed by Icon: Tombolo. 'Bolo claims that this is the sole reason for his decent status on the board, which is untrue. We love him for his constant unfinshed projects -- Bring Back the CYOA Save My Composer Royal Rumble of DOOM!!! -- and his... uh... enthusiastic behavior.

Much like the Tom Bombadil of Lord of the Rings fame, our Tombom currently resides in a forest where very few people venture. He lives there with his wife (not Icon, he turned him down) and rescures hobbits from trees. Also, listens to J-Pop.

He is known to be way cooler than his rival, stingers135, despite having just Lost the Game. Other hobbies include stealing, hosting imba mafia games, leading, creating obscure Mercenaries that nobody will use, and stealing.

Remember, No Lynch is a good lynch.

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