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A series of three extra matches that were added to the end of the Summer 2005 Contest, in which the three dominating characters from previous contests (Link, Cloud and Sephiroth) were placed without participating in the main bracket.

The winner from the main contest was put in the fourth slot, with the winner of the ToC being declared overall victor.

With four characters now holding spots in the ToC, it is unknown if this feature will return for the next contest, and if so how it will be arranged. It is possible that the overall winner from 2005 (Link) will be permanently retired, opening up another slot for 2006's winner.

Many fans believe that the Spring 2005 Contest was held in the full knowledge that Sephiroth would win easily, and was designed as an excuse to get him out of the main bracket and into the ToC so that someone else could win for a change.

Tournament of Champions 2005

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