A forgotten relic of 2003-2009 Board 8, WVI was a dragon-obsessed "omniphile" who frequently posted about posting and argued about a ridiculously large array of topics, but is most notable for his extremely outlandish takes on life and sexuality. He was often polarizing because of his tendency to create topics about his life and interests rather than anyone else's, a habit that died down over the years. Despite his notoriously contradictory behavior, he often argued in favor of decency and understanding toward one another. He no longer posts on Board 8, but he does post on LUElinks.

Quite an attention whore in the early years, his topics were made to be as eyecatching as possible - one of his first topics on Board 8 was a vote contest that absolutely no one posted in, but he kept it going anyway until it was finally clear not a single person wanted to be involved. This was an omen for the next few years to come.

He was a longtime rival of Vlado due to their heavily conflicting views of life, love and people, as well as WVI's hatred of egotism. They stayed on good terms, though.

Isn't actually gay or a furry, despite what everyone believes.

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