windmage, also known as Ciato, is a self-confessed newbie on Board 8. She's also a regular at the RPGDL. (More like DICTATOR. MASTER OF THE DOMAIN. CONQUERER.)

Her favorite video game characters include: Delita, Jowy, Shu, Fou-Lu, Gaignun, Angelo, Jessica, Asellus, and Lyon.

Her turn-ons include hating Livinlarav and people voting for her in user contests!


Ahem. She also loves football, and her favorite football teams are the Dallas Cowboys, the Balitmore Ravens, and the Oklahoma Sooners! She thinks Drew Bledsoe is the sexiest guy ever, but Joe Gibbs is the sexiest old guy ever. She also loves her opera rock (which DekarTKB exposed her to!) and Electric Six, which transcends categorization. The word 'awesome' is really all you need to know here. She is just a normal college student with way too much free time on her hands, except a little more anti-social than most. ^_^ Her favorite video game is FFT and she is happy. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^


yay, windmage! -transience

She likes Rikku so I love her!!!

^Same as perosn above - Grand Healer

I edited my own article. What do you think about that, bitches? -windmage

The Iceman cometh! Oh, and she's a great person too. ~ ad00

She's into robo and furry, but I love her anyways -Lord Ephraim

HAIL THE CLIQUE ~ th3l3fty

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