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Wingzfan 3 came to Board 8 during the Summer 06 contest. Wingz became more active during the Character Battle 06. Wingz likes to participate in games/contests on B8. Such games/contests include but are not limited to,Board 8 Mafia-Streets of Board 8-the7joker77, The Board 8 Lottery-chocoboslayer, and The Board 8 Tower Of Power-Mershiness. Wingz also made various topics on B8 including a few "Do you recognize the poster above you?" topics.

Wingzfan3's first contest he ran was his Hurt/Heal The User Contest. He held signups for this and a decent amount of users showed up. This contest went on for a while until one day it purged. Dissapointed that his contest no longer existed he decided to make another one. He held sign-ups for the new Hurt & Heal The User where he accepted 41 users. Wingz ran this contest with his friend and fellow b8er Andymancan1. Pikaness won that contest.

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