A topic made by Red Shifter at 11/18/2006 5:25:39 PM, in response to a poll Smurf posted on whether or not he should leave. It had a small following.

Do you know what life is like without heels like Smurf? Do you know?


And it takes much more charisma to be a heel in the face of overwhelming odds than a face in the face of FACE. Just ask Captain Charisma, Christian Cage.

But that's not the only reason. Let's look at what Smurf is. He is a Sonic fanboy. How can you hate on a Sonic fanboy, even if he hates on Nintendo? You're talking about a man who predicted that Crono, CRONO, the man who has handed defeat to MARIO, would fall in battle to Sonic, SONIC, the hedgehog that couldn't even beat Mega Man the last time he had faced off against him.

You're talking about a man whose relentless quest for the cheap heat has taken him into the hearts of Board 8. For when you mention his name, you know exactly what it entails. Hate for Nintendo, and hate for what you believe is right. Mick Foley once said that the best type of heel is the one who makes you think that he believes in what he says. And Smurf makes you believe his hate for Nintendo is truly absolute. And yet...

MyworldisSmurf | Posted 11/18/2006 4:44:20 PM | message detail

I'm buying a Wii on launch day...

On the inside, he knows what is right.

Plus, this is the man that made RISING STREAM. And if you have not experienced the awesomeness that is Rising Stream, then let me just tell you this. IT IS AWESOME NESS AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE LEVEL.

You see? The world is in need of heels, especially when they can reach to the fans and show them what is right once in a while. But he is not the kind of person who should be a FACE. Do you know what happens when someone with so much heel charisma become a permanent face? People like JOHN CENA get invented. So you see, Smurf cannot be face, because he wouldn't be popular and he wouldn't be entertaining.

Because of Smurf, you proved that you're willing to argue in favor of Nintendo. You proved that Nintendo should be much more popular than it is now. You proved... your LOVE of Nintendo. And isn't that more important than trying to push Smurf out of Board 8?

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