User since: May 2005
AIM: Zachnorn
Online games: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Zachnorn is a Board 8 user, as well as a co-owner and admin of the Board 8 Wiki. He used to make rants calling things overrated, and once made a well-known topic about eating a copy of Nintendogs in a sandwich. In the past few years, he has been less active with board activity and projects, because of college and real-life projects taking up more of his time.

Zachnorn originally came to Board 8 in Summer 2004, but went back to Poll of the Day after the contest ended. He returned in Spring 2005, when he found out that Board 8 did not close in the off-season. He has been around ever since. He used to make many contests, and not many of them finished. Notable contests are If It Were Up to Board 8 tournament, Alphabetical User Tournament, and many unfinished ones. He also runs [[Agree or Disagree] and Name Your Price.

In August 2005, he began making overrated rants, which have always been controversial (see the article overrated for details). The month after that, he made a topic about eating Nintendogs, which became a huge topic, and even got to YTMND, as well as the official Nintendo forums. He was mostly known as "the guy who ate Nintendogs", until his overrated rants became more (in)famous. He is now also known as "the overrated guy", as he claims there is nothing underrated, or fairly rated. However, his overrated topics have unofficially ended after the mods decided that they were overrated. He makes some new rants sometimes, but rarely.

He is also known for showing live feeds of himself playing various video games on Stickam. Because of that, various users now broadcast various games live. He retired from broadcasting in August 2011 due to real life commitments and has not broadcasted anything since then. He made the Board 8 WhatPulse team, now in the top 20 of the site. One other well-known project was the Board8bot, an AIM chat bot, was sadly is no more after the service it used terminated in 2009.

Zachnorn is sometimes a controversial user. Various writeups of him criticize him for removing some of the Board 8 Wiki's content. These removals are seen as overly strict, which Zachnorn disagrees with. In the past, he was controversial for his overrated rants, as well as the fact that he prefers putting milk before cereal when preparing a bowl of cereal. He is also a Southern Californian.

His name comes from combining his real name, which is Zachary, with a species in a game called Creatures 2. He came up with the name when he was 10, and he still keeps it at 20+ even though he keeps thinking of changing it, especially since he has not played a Creatures game since around 2005.

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